MarieChantal Chassé is a successful businesswoman who holds an engineering degree and a business administration certificate. She has over twenty-five years of engineering experience, including twenty in aeronautics. She is also a strategist in social and organizational innovation management, and a specialist in continuous improvement and company governance. She is president, CEO and founder of JMJ Aéronautique, a leader in the fields of technical assistance, contracting-out and technical experts management active around the world. MarieChantal is also president and founder of the non-profit organization Partage des ressources dans des communautés (2011), aiming to experiment new ways of working and innovative industrial cooperation. This organization is actively cooperating with private and public organizations in many domains to improve competitiveness, while enhancing job security and worker well-being. MarieChantal is deeply engaged in her profession and is currently resident entrepreneur at Centech, the business incubator of ETS, an administrator of the Centre des technologies avancées since 2014 and was a director of the Centre de recherche informatique de Montréal from 2016 et 2018. With her life companion, she is helping five young ladies to succeed.

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