Our ideas

Natural Resources


Cutting-rights must be more predictable (for at least 3 years). Better territory management and forestry support programs are also needed. We need to create consensus with the sector to select the best cutting areas and development strategies.

The Forest at the Service of the Environment

Recognition of the key role played by forests in the fight against climate change is needed. Environmental regulation must also be standardized.

Mining Projects

A CAQ government will establish a stable legislative, regulatory and tariff environment. Start-up of mining projects will be accelerated—environmental requirements will remain, but approval will be accelerated and regrouped within a single process.

Revision of calculation method

Calculation of the remediation contingency will be modified to reduce initial costs for our mines, while ensuring that the amount set aside will always cover remediation costs.

Forest roads and Crown land

We will revise money collected from resort leases to ensure maintenance of main forest roads, not only in controlled harvesting zones but everywhere.

Resort leases

Prices will not be increased above inflation. The dizzying rate increase of the last few years must end.