Our ideas

Identity and culture

Greater autonomy for Québec

The CAQ wants more autonomy for Québec within Canada, with the objective of full constitutional recognition as a nation.

Religious signs

Religious signs will be prohibited for all persons in position of authority, including teachers. After 10 years of discussion on the subject and on reasonable accommodations, it is more than time to act and adopt legislation clearly establishing the secularity of the state.

Foreign Diploma Recognition

Unnecessary roadblocks will be removed to accelerate and make the assessment of competencies more flexible. Nothing is more discouraging for a new immigrant to finally arrive in Québec after years of waiting and sacrifices and to be told that his diploma is not recognized.

Immigration Numbers

To better welcome immigrants, we should admit 20% fewer of them, while maintaining resource levels. Québec remains open to immigration, but the number of people arriving must match our capacity to welcome and integrate them.

Knowledge of Québec Values Evaluation

This is a way to ensure better integration of new arrivals in the community. All societies must be able to gather around common values.

100% Francization

For greater success in the integration of immigrants, it will be mandatory for any newcomer wanting a Selection Certificate to learn French. This will give them more opportunities to work and prosper in Québec.

More Cultural Activities in School

We plan on adopting practical measures to promote the love of arts among our children. This is one of school’s most rewarding roles.

Support for Artists

The Québec artistic scene is vibrant and open to the world. A CAQ government will promote wider distribution of our artists’ work within Québec as well as abroad.

Promotion of French

The Office de la langue française will be given a clear mandate to coordinate a concerted francization effort across Québec. A commissioner to French language will be appointed and tasked with receiving complaints from the people and with recommending ways to ensure the status of French as the common language of Québec.

Native people (First Nations and Inuits)

The United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples will be implemented, as well as the recommendations of the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, within the authority of the National Assembly of Québec.