Our ideas


Family Doctors

What good is having a family doctor if it’s impossible to see him or her when you’re sick? By revisiting the way doctors are paid, the CAQ will ensure Quebecers not only have a family doctor but can benefit from a real team engagement within a reasonable timeframe.

Front Line Care Access

Better access to care without appointment, better access to healthcare in the evening and during the weekend in CLSCs, FMGs and network clinics and the ability to make appointments online are much needed. Such measures to facilitate access to front line medicine will reduce waiting time in hospital emergency rooms.

Reduce waiting time to be seen by a doctor at the emergency room

Many turn to hospital emergency centres for minor health problems because they have no other choice. Facilitating access to front-line medical services will make it possible to reduce pressure on emergency rooms and help seeing a doctor quicker.

Doctor remuneration

A new agreement with specialists is required to roll back their remuneration to more reasonable levels.

Network decentralization and management

Institutions, user committees, managers and boards of directors need greater latitude and independence to better shoulder their responsibilities.

Ending excessive parking fees

Hospital parking will be free for the first 2 hours and, depending on the region, fees will be capped to $7 or $10 per day.


More full-time nurse positions, abolition of mandatory overtime, revision of patients-nurse ratios and deployment of specialized nurse practitioners are all in the books.

Hospital and CHSLD renovations

Many healthcare centres will be renovated to avoid higher midterm costs.


A plan will be adopted to promote healthy life habits and combat the incidence of obesity and chronic diseases. The CAQ also intends to deal with the problem of unnecessary medical diagnoses and excessive medication.