Our ideas


Combating Waste

Misuse must be hunted all over the public sector, especially in the management of government software development contracts. We will provide more resources and give greater powers to the General Auditor to help keep watch on public finances.

Ending Privilege in the Government System

A CAQ government will no longer offer “golden parachutes” that provide senior civil servants or public institution directors with exceptional remuneration or protection when they leave their job.

Taxation System Simplification

Taxpayers should have only one income tax report form to fill in for both levels of government, to be managed by Québec.

Making Senior Government Officials Accountable

The immunity enjoyed by deputy ministers and public institution directors must end. They must be held accountable for their management.

Revenue Agency

Taxpayers must be treated fairly and with respected in their dealings with tax offices. It is unacceptable for citizens of good faith to be treated like criminals or suspected of fraud at the first sign of a problem in their income tax report.

Repay Our Debt

The CAQ considers intergenerational equity as one of its main causes. We adhere to the importance of paying back Québec’s debt according to goals set forth in the current legislation.

Ending IT Confusion

Québec’s government must rebuild its expertise to adequately manage its computer-related projects. This will be accomplished by recruiting top specialists and offering them remuneration competitive with the private sector.