Our ideas


Junior kindergarten for 4-year olds

Junior kindergarten for 4-year olds will be universal and free (but not mandatory) to help our kids get the right start in the education system, for early detection of learning disorders and to democratize access to specialized resources for those having difficulties.

Specialized professional services

More resource teachers, more speech therapists, more psycho-educators and other professionals are needed to detect and support children with learning disorders, disabilities or development problems. No child should be left out.

Beautiful Schools

School buildings needs to be upgraded. Each new school to build will be subject to an architectural competition to create a beautiful as well as stimulating learning environment that will contribute to the successful education of our children.

Administration Closer to the People

School elections and school boards will the eliminated. To empower those who directly care for our children: school directors, teachers, professionals, support personnel and parents, school boards will be transformed into school service centres.


All elementary schools will hold a minimum of two 20-minute recess periods per day.

Extracurricular activities and homework counselling at the high school level

Our youths will benefit from an extra one-hour extracurricular activity period daily for more sports, more cultural activities and better homework counselling to create a stimulating environment promoting academic success.

Vocational and technical training

Vocational and technical training programs should be enhanced, more specifically by multiplying job-study programs.

Greater appreciation of the teaching profession

Teachers should get higher entry-level salaries, benefit from an efficient mentoring program, have greater professional independence and better ongoing formation.


Cégeps will have greater freedom to develop programs better adapted to the real needs of their region.

University-business Cooperation

There are world-class universities in Québec, and those can be centres of development. We must better leverage these institutions by promoting linkage between university research and innovative businesses.