Successful Week for François Legault.


 21 January 2016

The important media presence of the Coalition Avenir Québec Leader this week did not go unnoticed by many political columnists.

François Legault has risen the occasion to bring forth the issues that will be of priority in the upcoming months to his political party.

He hopes, specifically, to lower taxpayers’ contribution, encourage the government to attract private investments, and to assert the CAQ’s nationalist views.

A columnist for the Journal de Montréal, Josée Legault, highlights in her most recent blog that “the energy of the CAQ Leader should not be underestimated”.

Life in Politics: Behind the Scenes.


 20 January 2016

Isabelle Brais, the spouse of Coalition Avenir Québec’s leader, François Legault, has unveiled the reality behind the scenes of a life in politics, in an interview with Paul Arcand on Tuesday morning.

Here are a few excerpts that appeared in the Journal de Montréal:

“He is a fighter. He is my Rocky Balboa, I cannot see him doing anything else. He truly wants it. He knows he can accomplish great things for Quebec”, she says, speaking of her husband, François Legault.

“If my husband wasn’t in politics, I would have liked to tend to the youth. In the right circumstances, I would help all those who are in the streets and I would try to open a specialised school for them.”

“I am an economic patriot. I buy boots made in Quebec, jeans made in Quebec. I try as much as possible to purchase Quebec products.”

Isabelle Brais: “We Are a Team”.


 19 January 2016

François Legault’s spouse, Isabelle Brais, was interviewed this morning by Paul Arcand, on 98.5 FM.

High on the agenda was her political involvement alongside her husband.

“My husband is a fighter. He is my Rocky Balboa. He knows he can accomplish great things for Quebec. He is willing to do it, and I support him 150%. We are a team”, she underlines.

To hear the full interview, click here.