School tax: The CAQ will apply the lowest rates, no matter the region


 23 January 2018

The leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec, François Legault, wants to put a definitive end to the inequities in school taxes by applying a single rate across Québec: The lowest currently in effect. Mr. Legault made this announcement accompanied by his spokesperson for education, Jean-François Roberge, as well as his spokesperson for public finances, François Bonnardel.

Since the arrival of the liberal government 15 years ago, the amount collected by school taxes has risen approximately 113%, about 1.2 billion dollars. Over the course of only the last 5 years, we are talking about an increase of 700 million dollars, denounced the CAQ leader. Currently, the liberals are dangling a drop in school taxes that is unfair from one region to another. How is this justified to a citizen of La Mauricie or Saguenay -Lac-Saint-Jean, who pay rates that are three times higher than those of a citizen of another region. For François Legault, the liberal solution is haphazard.

A CAQ government will will therefore reduce the school tax, over a period of 4 years, to the lowest current rate. that’s 10.54 cents. This is a tax cut of 700 million dollars for Québec families, compared to the liberal promise. In doing so, the CAQ will reduce the revenues of the school tax to the levels at which they were before the arrival of the liberals to power in 2003, said the CAQ leader.

Unlike the Liberals, who are opening the door in their Bill 166 to a further increase in school taxes in the aftermath of elections, a CAQ government will decree a freeze of school taxes for the duration of their mandate.

Priorities of the parliamentary session : The economic record of Phillipe Couillard will be tackled head on by François Legault


 29 August 2016

The economy of Quebec will be the major concern of the Coalition Avenir Québec: this was the message sent by the head of CAQ, François Legault, on the first day of the pre-sessional caucus of the political party.

As soon as the parliamentary activities begin, the CAQ will make a point to hold Philippe Couillard accountable for his disastrous economic results.

We’ve had enough of the improvisation of the liberals, says the head of the CAQ. In all the cities and municipalities that he visited during his regional tour, François reported meeting tens of entrepreneurs, regional leaders and citizens who have all expressed concerns about the current state of Quebec’s economy.

“The observation which stands out is very clear: Quebec can do better. Our families have less and less money in their pockets. Citizens have the feelings of not being listened to. Regions are left to themselves. Enterprises have many projects but have to wait after Hydro-Québec or after Investissement Québec. Instead, the liberal government is dragging its feet. It has no leadership. It lacks ambition in economic matters. The Liberal party doesn’t serve Quebec anymore. Since its election in 2003, it is only serving its own interest. The party forgot about the general interest and is only governing to maintain itself in power “, explains the head of the CAQ.

On the employment side, it’s a free fall. Since the beginning of the year, 2 800 jobs have been lost, reminds us François Legault, while Philippe Couillard had promised us 250 000 jobs  in 5 years, meaning 50 000 per year. The weakness of employment rates calls for strong measures to stimulate our economy. “Quebecers deserve a government whose obsession will be to create good jobs, just as will be the government of the CAQ. Since the election of April 2014, 28 months ago, only 43 100 jobs have been created. You can count on me to ask Philippe Couillard, day after day, where are the jobs that he had promised” ensures François Legault.

It is high time to put an end to the liberal monopoly, which has fully demonstrated its harmful effect on our economy. This is the reason why the head of the CAQ is really determined to become in 2018, the first economic prime minister in 20 years in Quebec. “While Phillipe Couillard is asking himself how to handle his Council of Ministers, the Parti Québécois is obsessed by the next referendum on sovereignty.  This can’t go on. Quebec needs a big breath of fresh air. To all the Quebecers, I am saying, the CAQ will stay focused. During the next parliamentary session, the CAQ will continue to stand tall for the economy, for the education and for our identity”, concludes François Legault

The Sale of RONA: Couillard Didn’t Care to Question Daoust


 7 June 2016

Philippe Couillard deems it normal, that investments Quebec (IQ) sold their shares in RONA without the government’s authorization. Moreover, he doesn’t think that it is necessary to question his Minister of Transport, Jacques Daoust, following the shocking revelations of the former president of RONA, Robert Dutton. The CAQ Leader, François Legault, sees the latter as clear evidence to the Prime Minister’s indifference, regarding the future of Quebec’s headquarters. It is this Liberal indifference that caused the sale of RONA, one of Quebec’s key companies.

“The Prime Minister exemplifies everything that shouldn’t be done in economy. He even invented a new economic theory, stating that ‘buying is taking a risk, and selling is liberating of a risk’. It is obvious to what point the PM is unfamiliar with economics. Nonetheless, it is the government’s role to promote economic development. Evidently, Raymond Bachand was right: With Philippe Couillard at the head of the Liberal party, the CAQ is the new party of the economy. Worst of all, despite the testimony by RONA’s former president, Mr. Dutton, Couillard didn’t even ask his Minister of Transport for his version of the facts!” exclaimed Mr. Legault, and added that the PM didn’t even return on his Minister’s statements.

The member for L’Assomption notes that the allegations are serious; according to the former president of RONA, Jacques Daoust said that he doesn’t want to “know anything” about the company. The role of the PM includes the responsibility to protect Quebec’s economic jewels. “The Prime Minister must question his Minister of Transport. If these statements are true, he needs to relieve him of his duties”, reiterated François Legault.

RONA’s Shares Sold: Legault Exposes Couillard’s Indifference


 3 June 2016

The CAQ Leader, François Legault, along with his house leader, François Bonnardel, have been pursuing the Liberals for a second day in a row; in regards to Jacques Daoust’s role in Investments Quebec’s (IQ) RONA share sale. During the Questions Period at the National Assembly, the CAQ Leader exposed Prime Minister Philippe Couillard’s laxity and indifference towards a most significant matter: The sale of a major Quebec company.

In chambers, the Prime Minister stated that he doesn’t consider necessary for his government to be consulted about key transactions, such as RONA’s share sale. “Quebec has lost a major company and, once again, the PM remains unaffected. The less he knows, the better he goes. He is just like his Minister of Transport! The Prime Minister must care about the ownership of Quebec’s companies!”, voiced the CAQ Leader.

“His memory gaps would have made the Minister of Transport an excellent witness at the Charbonneau Commission. The Minister has to resign!”, added the CAQ’s house leader. He also insisted for the old and new CEOs of IQ, for the spokesperson of the organization, and for Jacques Daoust’s former chief of staff (Pierre Ouellet), to attend a parliamentary committee.

Oil and Gas in Quebec: Couillard’s Green Shift Harms the Industry


 1 June 2016

It is time for Philippe Couillard to acknowledge that his words weigh more than he realizes. Although Squatex estimates that the soil of Mitis contains over 52 million barrels of oil, the extraction will not start anytime soon. The main reason: Since last December, the Prime Minister’s statements and intrusions have been scaring away local and foreign investors.

The CAQ critic for energy, Chantal Soucy, has welcomed Squatex’s business development manager, Mario Lévesque, to the National assembly on Wednesday. He explained to the MNA how hard it is for his company to find a single financial partner, since the vast majority of the oil and gas sector believes that investing in Quebec is risky.

“According to the results of recent studies, the soil of Mitis may contain nearly 10 million barrels per square kilometer. It is twice greater than the potential assessed on the Anticosti Island! The company is referring to one of the most important discoveries made today. It is looking for financing, and is getting shunned because it is located in Quebec, under a Liberal government; with a Prime Minister who has the reputation of being against oil and gas extractions. The consequences of the Prime Minister’s words and actions are clear: We are being avoided, like a plague”; expressed regretfully Chantal Soucy, during the Question Period.

Notwithstanding global context and the market energy price, the member for Saint-Hyacinthe asked the Minister of Energy to reassure the industry, by declaring loud and clear that Quebec is interested in oil and gas investments. Pierre Arcand refused to make the statement. “It is no longer a secret, that the economy is trivial for this government. It stands against Anticosti and Old Harry. The Liberals are harming the business sector. Mr. Arcand, you are the Minister of Natural Resources, not a delegate for the environment. It is time to take the reins of your ministry. The companies are seeking international financing. When will you finally open the door to our economy?” inquired Chantal Soucy.

Aerospace Strategy: Zero Jobs Created in Ten Years


 31 May 2016

The Liberal government has not created a single job in the aerospace industry ever since the release of its first strategy report, in 2006; disclosed François Legault at the National Assembly on Tuesday. Despite this observation, the Prime Minister, Philippe Couillard, refused to table a plan of action that would quantify a job creation objective for the two upcoming years.

The CAQ Leader, François Legault, states that in 2006, at the moment when the Liberal minister Raymond Bachand presented his strategy, Quebec’s aerospace industry counted 40,000 jobs. Ten years later, the situation remains identical. “Meanwhile, the government’s speeches have multiplied, and the Minister of Economy’s new strategic plan for the industry includes no employment goals. Do you know how many jobs were created in the last ten years? Zero! Our economy requires more than just theory. To create jobs, corporate investments must be sought, one after the other. During the last 12 months, we have lost 9,500 jobs! We are ages away from the Liberal promise. We are suffering from a negative trend”, stated François Legault during the Question Period.

The member for L’Assomption criticized Philippe Couillard’s idleness in matters of economy. After two years in term, there is still no evident ambition for wealth creation. The aerospace strategy presented on Monday has no job creation target, and appears to be another admission of failure, regrets François Legault. “The Prime Minister may very well print papers and make mesmerizing speeches; but there are no results. Is he active or passive in matters of economy? The reality is that after ten years, the Liberals are still unproductive”, concluded the CAQ Leader.


Job Creation: Our Figures Pale in Comparison


 6 May 2016

Halfway through its mandate, Philippe Couillard’s Liberal government may no longer deny the facts; Quebec’s performance is poor in matters of job creation and economic growth. This sad realization was expressed by the CAQ critic for the economy, André Lamontagne, following an employment data release by Statistics Canada on Friday.

“It is certain that in matters of job creation, Quebec’s figures pale in comparison. The government may keep telling us glamorous tales and making fancy announcements, but the numbers speak for themselves”, stated André Lamontagne. In fact, 9,500 jobs were lost in Quebec during the last year; in comparison with 95,700 jobs created in Ontario, and 153,500 elsewhere in Canada.

“There is no excuse for Ontario to thrive while we wither away. We will repeat it over and again, Quebec has all the potential to be wealthier! We lost 700 full time jobs in a year, while our neighbours created 67,000. The first step for the Liberals would be to acknowledge their failure, and to finally present a bold plan with detailed employment creation targets. We have an urgent need for an ambitious economic vision”, according to the member for Johnson.

Mr. Lamontagne also notes that the manufacturing sector is clearly suffering, having lost 1,400 jobs in one year. The CAQ believes that it is through innovation and increased productivity, that our organizations will be able to penetrate international markets. The party proposed a Fund of 5 billion dollars over 5 years, in order to modernise the manufacturing sector. “At the CAQ, we are certain that Quebec has all the means to perform even better than Ontario!” concluded André Lamontagne.


Regional Economic Development: Where Is Lise Thériault?


 22 April 2016

At the budgetary appropriation study for the regional economic development on Friday, the CAQ MNA, Donald Martel, expected to be sitting across the government’s Minister for regional matters, Lise Thériault; rather, to his surprise, she was replaced by the Minister of Public Security, Martin Coiteux. Her absence is completely inexcusable, at the year’s most important parliamentary mandate for all ministries, stated Donald Martel.

“I have been involved in the regional economic environment for over twenty years; the government has always dignified these discussions with an appropriate representative. I almost fell off my chair when I heard the comments made by Minister Coiteux. According to him, there is no minister assigned to regional development, but every minister is regionally involved in his own way! What exactly is Lise Thériault’s role? She has suddenly become the Minister of nothing! Even more outrageous, is that the government is sending yet another awful message to our regions, who have already been feeling abandoned since Philippe Couillard’s coming to power. Who can the regions count on, to defend their interests within this government? It is completely ambiguous”, reproached the CAQ critic for regional economic development.

Donald Martel had hoped to question Lise Thériault on her plans for the regions to prosper, especially after abolishing the Regional Conferences of Elected Officials (CRÉs), nearly a year ago. The CAQ member is saddened by the Liberal government`s nearsightedness, that is depriving the regions of democratic consultations, henceforth available only to government officials.

Legault Denounces Zero Increase in Business Investments for 2016


 19 April 2016

The Prime Minister, Philippe Couillard, pronounces countless words, chained in beautiful speeches, to vaunt his economic strategy. Yet, the facts state that this year, business investments are to remain at 0%, regretted the CAQ Leader, François Legault.

After a two year delay, the Couillard government has finally presented its strategic plan for Investments Quebec (IQ), which unfortunately lacks a targeted increase in corporate investments. While the midterm budget has already forecasted rough months for our economy, the strategy tabled last Thursday confirmed that the Liberals still haven’t found the path to our economic recovery, highlighted the CAQ Leader.

“Quebec has everything vital to become wealthier; but in order to prosper, the government must do two things: Invest in education and increase business investment. In my view, IQ is the government’s greatest instrument to increase the latter. Yet, the strategy revealed has many words, and no real content. Two years after being elected, the Liberal government is still going around in circles. A shy business investment betrays the government’s lack of confidence in its own strategy!” stated François Legault.

The member for L’Assomption notes that the challenges encountered by our entrepreneurs are abundant, especially considering that only last year, investments were down by 4.7%. “The Liberal government has lost two years, and its economic record speaks for itself. A great many papers are being printed, but overworking the government’s printers is not an ambitious economic strategy. The day will come, when the Prime Minister will have to answer for his results”, concluded François Legault.

Only 300 Jobs Created in One Year


 12 April 2016

During the Question Period on Tuesday, the CAQ Leader, François Legault, highlighted that after two years into term, the Prime Minister, Philippe Couillard, still hasn’t presented any strategic plan for Investissement Québec (IQ). Meanwhile, the Liberal party has created merely 300 jobs during the last year, in contrast to the 85,600 created in Ontario, and forecasts a 0% growth in corporate investments for this year; he criticises.

According to the CAQ Leader, our need for economic recovery is pressing. Philippe Couillard will not rise to this need, as the Liberal government is tired, jaded and surrendered. Under a CAQ government, François Legault would not hesitate to give Quebecers some financial respite, by immediately reducing taxes. He would also invest in a major project against school dropout; a priority for economic recovery. Also, he would present an aggressive plan for IQ to attract more corporate investment.

“During the last election campaign, the Liberal party has promised to create 250,000 jobs over five years, be it 50,000 jobs per year. Nevertheless, only 34,900 jobs were created in Quebec during the last two years, and only 300 during the last year! The economists are unanimous, yet the government is in denial. The Prime Minister even fails to admit that creating only 300 jobs in a year is a legitimate source of concern!” stated François Legault.