29 September 2018

Speaking in Sept-Iles today, Coalition Avenir Québec candidate for Champlain, Sonia LeBel, called for North Shore electors to choose the CAQ team for change. “We are the only party that can bring a positive change to Quebecers”, she said.

Accompanied by CAQ candidate for Duplessis, Line Cloutier, Ms Lebel encouraged people of the region to exercise their right to vote in great numbers. She emphasized the importance of this Monday’s rendezvous. It’s their chance of ending 15 years of Liberal government – years marked by budget cuts, failures, scandals, obvious indifference for regions and, above all, an absence of understanding of what families need.

“After 15 years, it’s time to do more and to do better for our regions. The CAQ is the only party that can oust the Liberals. What we are offering to the people of Sept-Îles is a positive change focused on their concerns. To place the patient at the core of our healthcare system, to give back money to families and, at last, treat our seniors with dignity, you must vote for the CAQ. We will be a government that is truly at the service of regions”, LeBel cried out.

“The North Coast could very well be decisive in this election. The game is being played out between the Liberals and the CAQ. We have to turn the page on the last 15 long years of Liberal power. The CAQ is the only party that can form the next government.”

  • Sonia LeBel,
    Coalition Avenir Québec candidate for Champlain

“The CAQ is the party for the regions. We have a very strong and ambitious economic team that will work for our families as well as for our entrepreneurs. After 15 years in power, the Liberals are worn down. It’s time to change government and to give a strong voice to the North Shore in a CAQ government.”

  • Line Cloutier,
    Coalition Avenir Québec candidate for Duplessis