20 September 2018


  • Services to vulnerable students have been cut
  • Student protector inefficient
  • Science, history and ministry exams are now optional for children taught at home

Coalition Avenir Québec candidates Jean-François Roberge (Chambly), Isabelle Charest (Brome-Missisquoi), Christine Mitton (Laval-des-Rapides) and Claire Isabelle (Huntingdon) met the press today to review the results of 15 years of Liberal neglect in education. The assessment is damning for the outgoing government.

Québec has the worst school drop-out rate in Canada. High school graduation rates within the prescribed time limit in public schools is barely 64%. For boys, the gap between Ontario and Québec rates is 25%.

Currently, one out of two schools is considered to be in bad or very bad condition. “The most visible evidence of Liberal failure in education is our schools. Every day, one out of two parents, brings his child to a decaying school. Look around, the Liberals’ record is plain to see”, stated Jean-François Roberge.

Worse, Education Minister Proulx has lowered criteria for quality education in Québec. Schoolchildren taught at home no longer must learn science or history. They’re no longer under the obligation to pass ministry exams. The Liberals have cut services to the most vulnerable and have failed to provide Quebecers with a true Student protector.

In light of this dismal track record, CAQ candidates reminded everyone of Québec’s motto: “Je me souviens”: I do not forget.

For its part the CAQ proposes:

  • A minimum level of professional services in all schools, as well as stable and recurrent funding so that services to children having difficulties never get cut anymore;
  • Nomination of a true national Student protector that will be easily accessible and fully independent;
  • A revision of the homeschooling regulation to ensure all children have the right to receive science and history notions and can pass ministry exams to obtain recognized degrees.

 “The Liberals have been in power fifteen years and if we want things to change in Québec, if we want to do more and to do better for education, we have to start by replacing this government. The only party that has the team to defeat the Liberals and form our next government, is the CAQ.”


“Failing that way in such an important matter as education amounts to the failure of the century! We must change government if we want Education in Québec to catch up after these lost 15 years.”


-Jean-François Roberge
Coalition Avenir Québec MNA and candidate for Chambly


“I remember parents, teachers and students forming human chains around schools to protect them from the Couillard government. That is not normal! The Liberals have to be sanctioned for that!” 

-Isabelle Charest
Coalition Avenir Québec candidate for Brome-Missisquoi