Regional Economic Development: Where Is Lise Thériault?


 22 April 2016

At the budgetary appropriation study for the regional economic development on Friday, the CAQ MNA, Donald Martel, expected to be sitting across the government’s Minister for regional matters, Lise Thériault; rather, to his surprise, she was replaced by the Minister of Public Security, Martin Coiteux. Her absence is completely inexcusable, at the year’s most important parliamentary mandate for all ministries, stated Donald Martel.

“I have been involved in the regional economic environment for over twenty years; the government has always dignified these discussions with an appropriate representative. I almost fell off my chair when I heard the comments made by Minister Coiteux. According to him, there is no minister assigned to regional development, but every minister is regionally involved in his own way! What exactly is Lise Thériault’s role? She has suddenly become the Minister of nothing! Even more outrageous, is that the government is sending yet another awful message to our regions, who have already been feeling abandoned since Philippe Couillard’s coming to power. Who can the regions count on, to defend their interests within this government? It is completely ambiguous”, reproached the CAQ critic for regional economic development.

Donald Martel had hoped to question Lise Thériault on her plans for the regions to prosper, especially after abolishing the Regional Conferences of Elected Officials (CRÉs), nearly a year ago. The CAQ member is saddened by the Liberal government`s nearsightedness, that is depriving the regions of democratic consultations, henceforth available only to government officials.