UPAC Arrests: PM Must Apologize and Repay


 17 March 2016

Following the arrests on Thursday morning by the Permanent Anticorruption Unit (UPAC), the CAQ critic for integrity and member for Montarville, Nathalie Roy, asked the Prime Minister, Philippe Couillard, for a formal apology in the name of the QLP, as well as a solid commitment to repay all the illegal money collected. The CAQ considers this scandal to be far worse than the Liberal sponsorship scandal.

“During the last elections, we have warned Quebecers that a victory for the Liberal party would make for a worse tomorrow. This morning, everyone in Quebec woke up hungover. The UPAC arrests on Thursday are disturbing, the criminal charges are very serious and will entail dire consequences. We ask the Prime minister to take an oath that no other members of the Liberal party will be charged with corruption”, stated Nathalie Roy.

The CAQ member added that Nathalie Normandeau was not just another Liberal minister, but the Deputy Premier who sat at the Priority Committee of the previous Liberal government. In addition, Philippe Couillard’s current Council of Ministers still counts 13 people who chaired with Mme Normandeau. “As the Liberal Leader, Philippe Couillard needs to show that his party today is above reproach, but he may not dissociate from the times when the reproached facts indeed happened. He was a Liberal minister between 2003 and 2008, and the money collected illegally between 2000 and 2012 is still in the Liberal party’s coffers! In order to act in good faith, the money should be reimbursed. I remind you that in the Liberal sponsorship scandal, the LPC put aside money in a trust and then refunded every last penny to make sure that they are not campaigning with tainted money”, recalled Nathalie Roy.

The PQ’s Hands Are Also Dirty 

The critic for integrity emphasized that two former employees of the PQ were equally subjected to the same charges. “For this reason, we are equally asking the PQ Leader, Pierre Karl Péladeau, to apologize and to warrant a refund for all sums collected through any corrupted ploy”, concluded Nathalie Roy.