The CAQ Campaigns “Line 434”


 29 February 2016

On Monday, Coalition Avenir Québec has made public its online campaign called “Line 434”, to denounce the broken promise of the Liberal government: Tax rates on childcare services were not supposed to increase beyond inflation. The CAQ has chosen this title in reference to the new line that will appear on the personal tax declaration for 2015 and that will affect thousands of parents with up to $2,300 payable as of April 1st.

The CAQ invites all Quebecers to voice loud and clear their lack of satisfaction and their protests facing the decision made by the Couillard government: To dip in the pockets of Quebecer families, thus breaking an electoral promise. The CAQ provided the tools for the latter with a website that contains an online calculator, a petition, and visuals to share on social Medias.

The CAQ critic for public finance and member for Granby, François Bonnardel, called this tax bombshell: A ticking time-bomb for thousands of families. “We wish to expose the sneaky nature of this increase that the government tried to camouflage through a convoluted fiscal policy. It is quite an expense that is in store for parents that are already paying $7.30 per day. Many will have to pay up to $12.70 more per day, without seeing it coming. It is preposterous! We are inviting citizens to calculate “their” line 434 and to sign our petition”, stated François Bonnardel, encouraging Quebecers to raise awareness by visiting the CAQ’s online campaign, at:

The CAQ critic for families and member for Repentigny, Lise Lavallée, has condemned this as yet another harmful action set by the Liberal monopoly. After managing Quebec’s government poorly since 2003, the Liberals are compelled to put parents through a tax shock, and this in a spineless manner, she regretted.

“It is while filling the tax declaration, which is already difficult and stressful for taxpayers, that parents will notice the rate calibration for daycare services. The Prime Minister will have to bear the consequences of this decision, and voters will remember this empty promise in the next general elections”, concluded Lise Lavallée.

The CAQ’s “Line 434” campaign is accessible at: With a few clicks of their phones or tablets, those concerned by the issue may now calculate their losses, sign a petition and denounce the Liberal government on the social Medias.

The CAQ Calls Other Parties to Review the Voting Method


 29 February 2016

In efforts to fight political cynicism, a real social epidemic, the CAQ critic for the reform of democratic institutions and member for Deux-Montagnes, Benoit Charette, is calling on all political parties of the National Assembly to put their egos and partisan interests aside. Charette wishes to put in place immediately a technical committee, in order to advance a detailed study on the reform of the voting system in Quebec.

The first step in conducting the necessary overhaul of our democratic institutions is to evaluate our current voting method: The first past the post system. According to Benoit Charette, the popular will is clearly not met, and he is certain that Quebecers will favour the mixed member proportional system. He is proposing to put in place a transpartisan committee to work towards the adoption of a more democratic system.

“In 2016, it is absurd that Quebec is still governed by such an archaic voting system. Quebec is suffering of a poor democracy. We often hear: “My vote doesn’t count”. Scepticism must be fought; a reform of our voting system is an action that will pave the way to a reconciliation with Quebecers. It is politics done differently. If the government has the slightest regard to our democracy, there will be no reluctance to form a technical committee”, states the CAQ member loud and clear.

Since the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has committed for the federal election in 2015 to be the last with the outdated voting system, it would be out of place for Philippe Couillard’s Liberals to deny the CAQ’s legitimate request. The CAQ proposes that, in the frameworks of this technical committee at the National Assembly, special care should be given to unbiased regional and gender representation.

“The advantage of the mixed proportional, is that the government elected will represent the will of the people. Our current method has led to 9 false majorities in the last 60 years, be it 9 out of 16 elections. Thus, it is more than one election out of every two that didn’t reflect the will of the people. This simple observation is enough to show that the current system is flawed and outdated”, explains Benoit Charette. He added that no later than in 2007, the Chief Electoral Officer has shown, in a study, the feasibility of a compensatory mixed proportional system. Unfortunately, this report was left to gather dust.

“The two-party system is over in Québec. I sincerely believe that our institutions must reflect this reality. There is a clear consensus on the matter. Now that the PQ seems to mimic the CAQ’s initiative, it is the Liberal party’s turn to move forward and stay attuned to the times”, concluded Benoit Charette.

François Legault Steals the Show


 26 February 2016

As the first part of the parliamentary session has come to an end yesterday, it is time to draw conclusions.

Journal de Québec columnist, Jonathan Tudreau, considers that François Legault is the Leader on top.

“François Legault steals the show. Despite a limited time to speak in Chamber and an upbeat media environment, the CAQ Leader is able to stand out. He appears comfortable with economic questions, particularly the ones in the field of aeronautics”, he supports.

Columnist Mario Asselin recalls that “upon a request from Bombardier, a meeting was scheduled with the Coalition Avenir Québec Leader; at the term of a week in which the expertise of François Legault in aeronautics and in economy have enabled Quebecers a better understanding of the issues at hand. The Air Transat co-founder is positioning himself more and more as an indispensable entity in the Bombardier case”, he explains.

Legault Will Not Be Taken for a Ride


 26 February 2016

François Legault still considers that the agreement with Bombardier needs to be renegotiated.

Bombardier CEO, Alain Bellemare, did not succeed to convince the CAQ Leader that the Couillard government struck a good deal by investing 1.3 billion dollars in the C-Series.

“I still consider that the manner in which Philippe Couillard negotiated this agreement is not beneficial for Quebec’s workers and taxpayers”, he said to the Journal de Montréal.

According to François Legault, Bombardier must commit to maintain its headquarters in Quebec. The company currently employs 17,000 workers locally, and must also guarantee for a minimum level of jobs to remain in the province.

Following this two-hour meeting, TVA has reported that Bombardier are still open to discussions.

Bombardier and Air Canada: The CAQ Demands an Investigation


 25 February 2016

Philippe Couillard has self-admittedly been in contact with Air Canada’s president and encouraged him to purchase C Series planes.

He also mentioned that “business people” handled the negotiations, but didn’t say who. Yet, Air Canada is not in the lobbyists registry for either the purchase of C Series planes, nor for the Aveos legal proceedings rivaling the government of Quebec.

As the government admits that the suspension of legal recourse was linked to the aircraft purchase by Air Canada, the CAQ has announced a request to an investigation by the Lobbyists Commissioner, to shed some light on the matters. “It appears abnormal that Air Canada can bargain the drop of a lawsuit in return for a purchase of forty planes without being in the lobbyists’ registry. Especially since there is mention of negotiations with no other than the Prime Minister of Quebec”, explains François Bonnardel.

The CAQ Leader, François Legault, continues to put pressure on the government.

“The Prime Minister is like a small fish swimming with sharks, in the negotiations tank with Bombardier and Air Canada. We thus have a company presided by Daniel Johnson, and controlled by Philippe Couillard and Justin Trudeau. I get shivers down my spine, just thinking about it! The Prime Minister got hustled in negotiations with Bombardier and Air Canada”, he stated.

Recall that last week, by dropping a lawsuit against Air Canada, Prime Minister Couillard has sacrificed 1,800 well-paying jobs in Quebec in exchange for a few hundred hypothetic ones in some-ten years.

This was right after Bombardier announced 2,400 jobs lost. A total of 4,200 jobs have been lost in Quebec in only a week.

Appointing Judges to the Supreme Court: Quebec Must Have a Say


 25 February 2016

Because we believe that Quebec can prosper within Canada, Coalition Avenir Québec presented, on Thursday, bill 591, urging the participation of Quebec in the process of appointing judges for the Supreme Court of Canada.

The CAQ critic for justice, Simon Jolin-Barrette, considers that Quebec must have a say in the selection of its three judges, who will sit at the country’s highest tribunal. The bill foresees the implementation of a clear and objective selection process, by a selection committee composed of members from different backgrounds. They will be responsible to evaluate different candidates and appoint the three most suitable judges in Quebec to the Supreme Court of Canada. Every nomination must then be approved by at least three out of four MNAs.

“Like millions of citizens, we are convinced that the moment has come for Quebec to make progress within Canada. Participating in the selection process of Quebec’s judges for the Supreme Court of Canada, is a clear image of the progressive nationalism proposed by the CAQ, which aims to work for our province’s benefits. In the current appointment process, the federal Prime Minister does not have to consult his provincial counterpart, nor the elected members of the National Assembly. In short, he can act on his own without consulting us. We believe that Quebec, having its own judicial system, can select the individuals that will best represent it in the Supreme Court”, stated Simon Jolin-Barrette.

Quebecers everywhere are stuck between the soft federal approach of Philippe Couillard’s Liberals, and the imaginary land of the PQ. They wish to fight for the betterment of Quebec, its social values, identity and prosperity. They are learning to recognise and aside with the CAQ’s progressive nationalism, the MNA says with conviction.

“If there is but a drop of nationalism left in the Liberal party, a minimal desire to put Quebec’s needs first, like in the times of Prime Minister Robert Bourassa, and to respect Quebec’s historical claims, the Prime Minister will accept to pave the way for our proposal”, concluded the member for Borduas.

Maisonneuve College : The CAQ Asks the SQ to Investigate


 25 February 2016

François Legault demands an investigation by the SQ of recent events that happened in the Maisonneuve College.

La Presse revealed on Thursday morning that the college has once again come into conflict with Adil Charkaoui, after breaking all ties last year, when several youths departed to Syria. Sunday, the preacher was at the heart of an incident with a security guard, that required police intervention.

The group has basically rented the gym to play soccer. However, when the guard arrived, he saw the men praying.

François Legault believes that light must be shed on these matters, and concrete measures must be applied to prevent the radicalization of our youth.

“The events in Maisonneuve College are very upsetting. I find it hard to believe that the college would allow someone like Adil Charkaoui to continue preaching against Quebec’s values, and drawing our impressionable youngsters to radical behaviour. Though we have done it before, we are demanding an investigation by the SQ, of occurrences in Maisonneuve College. We ask that these events be taken very seriously”.

Until last year, Adil Charkaoui was renting classrooms at the college for the activities of the School of Comrades, an organisation affiliated with the Islamic Community Center of East Montreal (CCIEM), of which he is president. The college canceled rental agreement on February 26, when it was discovered that at least two of the six young Montrealers that left to Syria in January, were connected to the preacher.

Ending Proceedings Against Air Canada: Sheer Incompetence


 24 February 2016

For a second day in a row, Philippe Couillard refuses to succumb to the evidence, and to recognize that he is abandoning Aveos workers by ending legal proceedings against Air Canada, claims François Legault.

Former Aveos workers, including union representative Jean Poirier, traveled to Québec on Wednesday, to try and reason with the Prime Minister. The latter has once again refused to get employment guarantees from Air Canada, specifically to keep the 1,800 well-paying aircraft maintenance jobs in Quebec.

“We have a Prime Minister that bows to Air Canada and deems acceptable for the company to disobey the law. Never has a Prime Minister in Quebec negotiated such a sizeable investment so poorly, for his taxpayers, and sacrifice 1800 quality jobs. Since when is Quebecers’ money invested in a company with nothing in return? He suspends all legal proceedings, without any guarantee from Air Canada, but a letter of intent. It is sheer incompetence!” regrets François Legault.

Mr. Legault was adamant about this: Philippe Couillard needs to retract his decision and compel Air Canada to repatriate its 1,800 jobs while respecting its agreement to maintain the C Series units in Montreal. He fails to understand how Philippe Couillard can tolerate for these jobs to be in Minnesota, Singapore, Tel-Aviv and Hong-Kong.

“The Prime Minister can continue to repeat that jobs will not be created through a court process, but what he fails to understand, is that these jobs already exist! They can be ours, here at home, but the Prime Minister is not claiming them, despite the vast sums invested in Air Canada. How can he explain that these hundreds of planes are built and maintained abroad? He lacks both ambition and pride!” concluded François Legault.

The CAQ: No More Excessive Hospital Parking Fees


 23 February 2016

MNA François Paradis asks the Health Minister to regulate parking fees in hospital healthcare centers and to set a price ceiling between seven and ten dollars depending on regions.

The member for Lévis also insisted that the first two hours of parking should be free-of-charge.
François Paradis regrets that since the adoption under closure of Bill 10, Quebec is witnessing a constant increase in parking fees. Patients often and quickly incur the maximum rate.

“At least 12 hospitals in Quebec, 9 of which are in Montreal, charge daily parking fees of at least $15. The new hospital, CUSM, charges $25 after 90 minutes. Parking is more expensive than at the Bell Center. Quebec’s CHU charges $16 after 3 hours; more expensive than parking at the Grand Theatre. There is actually a common predisposition to increase fees in many of Quebec’s regions”, he outrages.

The member for Lévis also demands a discount rate for the chronically ill and for visitors of patients who are under long term care. Finally, there should be more transparency in what the funds are used for.

Bombardier to Relocate 75 Jobs, the CAQ Reveals


 23 February 2016

Worrying information came across on Tuesday: Coalition Avenir Québec’s house leader, François Bonnardel, disclosed that Bombardier will relocate 75 jobs from the Mirabel flight test center to Kansas.

Research led by the CAQ uncovered an agreement made in 2011 between Bombardier and the city of Wichita, Kansas, for an expansion of the aeronautics company’s facilities. The latter has committed to the creation of 450 jobs over five years, in return for the mere subsidy of 30 million dollars. The CAQ Leader considers that the Liberal government, which invested 1.3 billion dollars in the C Series, must renegotiate the terms, and also demand for a minimal employment guarantee from Bombardier, the way Kansas did.

“Since the government decided to play Santa with Bombardier, the company has obliterated 2,400 jobs. However, not everyone in North America negotiates in the same manner. In Kansas, Bombardier committed to the creation of 450 jobs over five years. Today, the company is well above its target, having created over 600 jobs. Meanwhile, the Liberal government has made no targeted demands to create jobs at home! The Minister of Transport can no longer justify the unjustifiable: He needs to renegotiate the terms with Bombardier and maintain the jobs that are left in Quebec, especially the ones in Mirabel”, he stated.

According to testimonials obtained by the CAQ, 75 jobs at the flight test center in Mirabel for the C Series are being transferred to Kansas. “We are a laughing stock, it is as simple as that! On what planet does the Minister of Transport live?” questions François Bonnardel.