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Another lockdown for Québec?

The question itself is depressing. Let’s be real: spring wasn’t all that easy, and nobody wants another round. Disliking or hating the virus won’t miraculously make it disappear. Ignoring the facts doesn’t work. The virus is still around. If we ...

 11 September 2020 · Read more
COVID-19: Should we fear a second wave?

Yes. And we will be the ones determining its intensity. To be honest, we will get the second wave that we deserve. If we do not follow the guidelines, it will be strong and last longer. If we do follow ...

 28 June 2020 · Read more
Where were you on March 12, 2020?

Where were you on March 12, 2020 when the Premier and Dr. Arruda first talked about a pandemic? I was at a brewery after my weekly hockey game. All of the TVs were broadcasting the news instead of the sports ...

 14 June 2020 · Read more
Breaking down the COVID-19 numbers: does Québec compare to the rest of the world?

Simply put, yes. It is possible to compare the COVID-19 death rate of Québec to those of other states if using the right basis for comparison. No one will deny that Québec, especially the Greater Montreal area, is the COVID-19 ...

 7 June 2020 · Read more