A New Project for Quebec’s Nationalists.

A New Project for Quebec’s Nationalists.

During the last days, many things were said regarding the CAQ’s nationalist views that were revealed on November 8th. Some were true, some weren’t precise and others were completely wrong! For that reason, I am taking the time to clarify matters.

Coalition Avenir Québec was born in the end of 2011, when women and men alike gathered around a common will: to cease being spectators in Quebec’s gradual decline.

In the last 50 years, a debate on whether or not Quebec’s independence is relevant has been dominating politics and dividing between Quebecers. This debate has wasted our time and money. At the CAQ, we believe that this superficial debate is expired. It is time to grasp beyond a sovereigntist and federalist quarrel. Quebecers must unify and create an ambitious Quebec, within Canada. The Quebec that we propose to you is strong, proud and prosperous.

Prime Minister Philippe Couillard has well announced his intentions for 2018: a referendum. I refuse to believe that Quebecers will once again have only two options in this election: The Liberal status quo or the PQ radicalism.

Our goal is to take our full place in Canada. We want to be recognized for who we are. We want Quebec to obtain more power and say within Canada. The powers we all desire can largely be obtained without reopening the constitution, rather through negotiations with Ottawa. These are powers in fields such as language, immigration, taxation and more.

We are convinced that a Quebec with stronger identity, culture and economy will make for a stronger Canada. Quebec needs to find once again its predominant place within Canada. When I was a little girl, Quebec was practically the most important province in the country. Today, the situation is quite different. Years of quarreling have weakened Quebec. It is time to pull our sleeves and bring back, through pride and hard work, the place within Canada that we deserve: On top. This is our nationalism. A strong Quebec will no longer be on the receiving end of Ottawa’s financial equalization. This will be a major criteria in reassessing a new winner-winner partnership agreement with Canada.

We believe that the times have changed, that fruitless and superficial label wars are outdated. We believe, like the majority of citizens, that the time has come to find common grounds and find a modern solution that will be effective for the 21st century.