Éric Caire

La Peltrie
Éric Caire

Second Opposition Group critic for the Treasury Board, public administration efficiency, and the Capitale-Nationale region


Before initially joining the ADQ, Éric Caire was an IT entrepreneur and then a CEGEP teacher. An MNA for La Peltrie since 2007, he was re-elected in 2014 with the CAQ and received over 50% of the votes.

During his time in politics, this father of four has been recognized for the depth and meticulousness of his work.

Éric Caire is also a well-liked commentator on the Roby Moreault talk show on CHOI Radio X (Québec City).


Tel: 418-877-5260

Bureau de circonscription

5121, Chauveau blvd West, Suite 201
Quebec (Quebec) G2E 5A6