"Would you consider making Quebec an attractive place Blockchain technologies and investments."

par Serdar de Montreal

 12 September 2018

Réponse de la CAQ :

Hi Serdar,

The blockchain technology is currently a revolution inside the data storage universe. Since the last few months, a hundred businesses or so approached Hydro-Québec to have a steady supply of energy that could result in important investments directly from our electricity surplus.

According to the CEO of Hydro-Quebec, we could be able to sell 5TWh of our electricity surplus in the next four year but the Liberal government is forbidding it. At the Coalition Avenir Québec, we believe that we must take advantage of that economic opportunity because Quebec has major strengths in this market: green electricity and a favorable climate. We’re proposing to reserve a bloc of energy to those business that want to develop an ecosystem related to blockchain.