"Why don’t we pay our doctors less so we can pay our nurses better?"

par Claire de Weedon

 29 August 2018

Réponse de la CAQ :

Hey Claire,

What is the point of having a family doctor if it is impossible to consult her or him when sick? By reviewing the formula of remuneration of physicians, the CAQ will ensure patients are genuinely taken care of in a timely manner. We will negotiate a new agreement with medical specialists to bring their compensation to a reasonable level.

We want to create more full-time nurse positions, eliminate mandatory overtime, review nurse-to-patient ratios, and accelerate deployment of specialized nurse practitioners. It is time to make greater use of the extended skills of nurses and other health professionals by giving them more autonomy. Those are necessary measures to improve access to care. To avoid an explosion of costs in a few years, it is also imperative to renovate several facilities in the health network.