"What’s in it for us?"

par Peter de Ormstown

 29 August 2018

Réponse de la CAQ :

Hey Peter,

With the CAQ, we want you to free yourself of Liberals and vote for a party that has a simple goal: a strong Quebec within Canada. With the CAQ, no referendum, no ambiguity, no tricks, it’s clear. Since the creation of the party, we always stood for the families of Quebec, for education and to lessen the tax burden of Quebecers.

With the upcoming election, the CAQ wants all Quebec children to attend pre-kindergarten and wants a fixed 8,05$ fee at daycare. You’re voting for a party that is committed to ensuring that there is compensation for the lower school taxes, in order for there to be no reduction in services. You’re voting for a party that wants to empower the governing boards the English-speaking schools