"Does the CAQ wants to make a referendum?"

par Scott de Magog

 29 August 2018

Réponse de la CAQ :

Hey Scott,

No. On November 8 2015, François Legault, leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec, announced a rallying call. The goal is simple: a strong Quebec within Canada. This pragmatic approach seeks concrete results for Quebec that will allow all Quebecers to affirm our distinct identity, develop our economy and deploy a meaningful and long-lasting reconciliation with the rest of Canada.

The CAQ wishes to repatriate all remaining powers in the domain of language and immigration from Ottawa. We also know that the battle for fiscal equality with Ottawa is far from won. The CAQ believes that this imbalance can be corrected via a revised transfer agreement that is both regular and predictable. The CAQ believes that a strong economy is the only way to instigate the prosperity needed to improve our quality of life, maintain our cherished social net and lower the tax burden to reasonable levels.