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Eric Girard was born in Lac-Saint-Jean and is currently a resident of Labrecque. He is married, the father of two daughters, he has a degree in farm management and technologies from Alma College. He is currently co-owner of his farm. Deeply engaged, he strongly defends regional agriculture and agri-food businesses and has done so for many years. He was president of the local UPA chapter and vice-president of the UPA regional federation. He was also mayor of Saint-Nazaire and the growth of his municipality and the development of his region are very important to him. He is currently director of the Alma-Lac-Saint-Jean-Est Corporation d’innovation et développement and of the Lac au Fleuve Promutuel. His ambition is to defend the families, workers, farmers and businesses of Lac-Saint-Jean and make the riding an example of prosperity and quality of life.