Our ideas


Alleviating Road Congestion in Montreal and the Suburbs

A CAQ government will act on all fronts: enhance public transit, upgrade the road system and apply innovative technologies. 10 billion dollars will be set aside in the Québec Infrastructure Program to achieve an ambitious decongestion plan by 2030.

Third Link

Work will commence within our first mandate on a third link between Québec City and Lévis.

Public Transit

The REM project will continue, and the Blue line of Montréal’s metro extended. The CAQ will also initiate a tramway project for the Eastern part of Montréal. In Québec City, we will support the structural public transit project as well as the creation of new bus corridors and reserved lanes.

Alternate transportation

We will create more incentive parking and support car-sharing.


A new industry and technological sector dedicated to electric transportation components will be established. Not only will it create well-paying jobs, electrification will help reduce Québec large trade deficit. In the long term, Québec drivers will no longer be helpless victims of petroleum companies’ price hikes.