Our ideas


The Fight against poverty

We need to provide better support to those who are inapt to work through concerned community organizations.

Video lotteries

Video lottery machines must not be used as a means to syphon more money from our poorest citizen. The CAQ will reduce to availability of gambling machines in underprivileged neighbourhoods, while implementing an awareness campaign to fight compulsive gambling.

Disabled children

Parents of heavily handicapped children will receive more support from the State.


Child-support payments will no longer be part in the calculation of welfare or student aid. Lower income families, especially those with single parents, need this leeway to better support their children.

Juvenile Prostitution and Sexual Exploitation

An action plan is needed to combat these situations plaguing Québec. It needs to address the complete problem, from prevention to survivor support, including repression measures.

Community Organizations

Community organizations need to be better supported and recognized. The subsidy administrative process must be simplified for these organizations who fulfill many needs not covered by the public system.