Our ideas


Taxation break

By lowering school tax, the CAQ will help the many seniors who own their home meet their monthly obligations.

Fight against isolation and solitude

A plan to fight the isolation of seniors will be adopted as well as geriatric social measures to enhance their quality of life.

Family caregivers

Those who make the courageous decision to care for a parent with restricted autonomy should benefit from greater financial support. A new family caregiver policy will recognize the real value of their contribution.


Two baths per week will become mandatory, meal budgets will be doubled, more care provided to residents and premises will be renovated. Our elderly people who are in these residential centres deserve quality care and dignity.

Home care

A CAQ government will make keeping older people of reduced mobility at home instead of confining them in long-term residential centres.

Silver alert for missing elders

A new protection for seniors having cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease, will be instituted. Just like Amber alerts for missing children, Silver alerts will help prevent tragedy and make it possible to locate many elderly people who have gone missing before it is too late.

Mandatory Disclosure of Mistreatment

Too many cases of mistreatment of seniors have made the headlines in recent years. Legislation is needed to make it mandatory for healthcare providers to denounce mistreatment of elderly people they witness in hospital, intermediate resources and private senior residences.

Medically-assisted death

Consultations will be held on the possibility of extending medically-assisted death to persons suffering from certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.