Our ideas



Regions need more power and autonomy. We will achieve this by transferring responsibilities as well as human and financial resources to them.

Internet and Cellular Connections

All the province’s populated territories need to have high-speed internet and quality cellular coverage. Not only are those assets, but they are prerequisites to perform in today’s economy. The future of many regions depends on them.

Upgraded role for Investissement Québec

A clear, unequivocal and strong mandate is needed to promote investment, entrepreneurship and development through each region’s specific strength.

Village schools

Some 10 to 20 schools close in Québec each year. A CAQ government will do everything it can to keep village schools open and to prevent their devitalization.

Natural Resource Processing

This means diversified industrial activities for our regions. Processing of natural resources must be encouraged in areas where they are exploited.

Creation of New Recreational and Touristic Areas

Natural scenery and villages must be enhanced and promoted to get the most out of tourism. We will invest accordingly in existing areas and develop new projects for the future.

Regional Transportation

We need an efficient system to ensure transportation of people and goods across Québec’s territory. This is especially true in rural areas.


Cégep financing will be revised to ensure their future, incentive is also needed for continued education to make it attractive to younger people. The Collegiate centres for technological transfers will be put to contribution to transform cégeps in true economic-development centres.

Religious Heritage

Québec’s churches are heritage assets of incalculable value. Their conservation and enhancement are responsibilities a CAQ government will assume to the fullest.