Our ideas


More money in people’s pockets

We will provide concrete support to all who have children or wish to have more.

Lower School Taxes

School taxes will be standardized at their lowest level across Québec. Currently, they can triple from one region to the other, which is totally unfair for Quebec families. The CAQ will end this problem. Lowering school taxes this much will make it easier for people to become house owners.


We will promote better management, easier access, higher quality standards, shorter waiting lists and more flexible hours in daycare centres.

Family law

Family law will be updated to reflect the new reality of parenthood and to better protect the interest of the child.

Parental leave of absence

New parents will get support and will be will be able to spend more quality time with their newborns, without increasing worker and employer contributions.

Taxpayer protection

We will establish clear limits on income tax or government service fee increases. Québec families will no longer be subject to the price hikes and other nasty surprises that have been common is the last few years.

Fight Against Mistreatment

There will be wider powers and means to protect children subject to physical and psychological violence. The DPJ needs to be more accountable.