Our ideas


Export Clean Energy

The clean energy we export to our Canadian and American neighbours replaces energy produced in gas, coal or nuclear facilities. This helps prevent emission of thousands of tons of GHG and represents our most important contribution to the fight against climate change. A CAQ government will make it a priority to increase our energy exports.

National Architecture and Planning Policy

This policy will regard urban and rural planning, landscape conservation, preservation of built heritage quality, and upgrading our majestic St. Lawrence River. The goal: beautiful and attractive living environments for our families as well as for tourists visiting Québec.

Greenhouse Gas

Respecting major GHG emission reduction objectives adopted by the international community, a CAQ government will promote innovation in the fields of technology and regulations.

Energy Efficiency

A CAQ government will adopt policies compliant with responsible energy consumption and sustainable development principles.

Zero-waste Objective

Updating sorting plants and the regulatory framework will help monetize recycled materials and reduce the recourse to landfill. Recyc-Québec must become an important stakeholder in achieving the goal of zero waste.

Building Code

Regulations of the National building code must be updated to promote adoption of new products and methods having higher energy-saving performance in new constructions.

Green Economy

Practical measures will be taken to promote environmental science, green technologies, energy efficiency and alternate energy sources such as hydrogen or less-polluting transportation modes.

Cleaning up the River

The St. Lawrence River and its banks need to be rejuvenated. Untreated waste is still being massively dumped into its waters. Numerous industrial properties on its banks are now contaminating and endanger public health, as well as preventing development. A national clean-up initiative is needed for the river, its tributaries and other Québec waterways.

Wetland protection

Fragile ecosystems that play an essential part in the fight against GHG, in the prevention of flooding and the preservation of wildlife and plants must be efficiently protected.