Our ideas


Per Capita Disposable Income

Striving to catch up with our neighbours’ wealth, Ontario in particular, will allow us to put more money in our families’ pockets.

Encourage Innovation and Private Investment

A CAQ government will introduce business support policy adapted to today’s new reality, and promoting investment, innovation and creation of high-paid jobs. Investissement Québec will be given a new mandate and the means to efficiently encourage private investment and attract foreign capital.

Strengthen Our Entrepreneurs

Reduce red tape for entrepreneurs and self-employed workers who do not have the luxury of wasting time on endless paperwork.

Innovation Centers

A CAQ government will create innovation centers to foster new technology and industries. This key concept of our St. Lawrence Project will encourage entrepreneurs who have just arrived as well as promote cooperation between universities and businesses to create the jobs we’ll need tomorrow.

Energy Alliances

We will strike up unprecedented partnerships with our immediate neighbours and the U.S. Northeastern states to export more electricity and enrich all Quebecers.

Develop and Apply New technologies

A CAQ government will promote the creation of Québec enterprises in new technologies such as artificial intelligence, telecommunications and life sciences.

Trade Deficit Reduction

We will adopt measures to reduce imports and increase exports, especially through an efficient policy promoting electric transportation. This will allow Québec to import less oil and petroleum products.

Marine Industry

This covers cruise tourism, river transportation of goods, port facilities, logistics poles, and more. As set forth in the St. Lawrence Project, everything must be done to make the river profitable again and to re-energize this important sector of Québec’s economy.

Responsible Development of Natural Resources

While encouraging Québec’s economic growth, a CAQ government will promote developing natural resources responsibly in the energy as well and the mining sectors. In heavily populated areas or where it is not socially acceptable, hydraulic fracturing will be prohibited for the extraction of oil and gas.

Older Workers

Québec employers face shortages of manpower. We must encourage older workers to stay active and remain in the work force for as long as they want. A CAQ government will adopt fiscal incentives to make that possible.