14 August 2018

Orphan clauses

Once and for all, discrimination in health insurance and retirement plans will be eliminated, for reasons of intergeneration fairness. As well, no discrimination based on age should be tolerated in the workplace.

Mixed Proportional Election

A CAQ government will adopt new electoral legislation to move from majority to a mixed proportional election system. We believe vote must count.

Parity of Ministers

The chief of the CAQ has set the objective of assembling a balanced ministerial council. This is a strong example of the CAQ’s commitment to equality between men and women in the government.

Parliamentary Reform

This reform will make mandatory for the National Assembly to consider a predetermined number of opposition bills, the role of parliamentary commissions will be revised, and a free-vote system will be established. These actions will encourage MNAs to work more independently and increase parliamentary control.



 14 August 2018

Alleviating Road Congestion in Montreal and the Suburbs

A CAQ government will act on all fronts: enhance public transit, upgrade the road system and apply innovative technologies. 10 billion dollars will be set aside in the Québec Infrastructure Program to achieve an ambitious decongestion plan by 2030.

Third Link

Work will commence within our first mandate on a third link between Québec City and Lévis.

Public Transit

The REM project will continue, and the Blue line of Montréal’s metro extended. The CAQ will also initiate a tramway project for the Eastern part of Montréal. In Québec City, we will support the structural public transit project as well as the creation of new bus corridors and reserved lanes.

Alternate transportation

We will create more incentive parking and support car-sharing.


A new industry and technological sector dedicated to electric transportation components will be established. Not only will it create well-paying jobs, electrification will help reduce Québec large trade deficit. In the long term, Québec drivers will no longer be helpless victims of petroleum companies’ price hikes.

Natural Resources


 14 August 2018


Cutting-rights must be more predictable (for at least 3 years). Better territory management and forestry support programs are also needed. We need to create consensus with the sector to select the best cutting areas and development strategies.

The Forest at the Service of the Environment

Recognition of the key role played by forests in the fight against climate change is needed. Environmental regulation must also be standardized.

Mining Projects

A CAQ government will establish a stable legislative, regulatory and tariff environment. Start-up of mining projects will be accelerated—environmental requirements will remain, but approval will be accelerated and regrouped within a single process.

Revision of calculation method

Calculation of the remediation contingency will be modified to reduce initial costs for our mines, while ensuring that the amount set aside will always cover remediation costs.

Forest roads and Crown land

We will revise money collected from resort leases to ensure maintenance of main forest roads, not only in controlled harvesting zones but everywhere.

Resort leases

Prices will not be increased above inflation. The dizzying rate increase of the last few years must end.



 2 August 2018

The Fight against poverty

We need to provide better support to those who are inapt to work through concerned community organizations.

Video lotteries

Video lottery machines must not be used as a means to syphon more money from our poorest citizen. The CAQ will reduce to availability of gambling machines in underprivileged neighbourhoods, while implementing an awareness campaign to fight compulsive gambling.

Disabled children

Parents of heavily handicapped children will receive more support from the State.


Child-support payments will no longer be part in the calculation of welfare or student aid. Lower income families, especially those with single parents, need this leeway to better support their children.

Juvenile Prostitution and Sexual Exploitation

An action plan is needed to combat these situations plaguing Québec. It needs to address the complete problem, from prevention to survivor support, including repression measures.

Community Organizations

Community organizations need to be better supported and recognized. The subsidy administrative process must be simplified for these organizations who fulfill many needs not covered by the public system.



 2 August 2018

Family Doctors

What good is having a family doctor if it’s impossible to see him or her when you’re sick? By revisiting the way doctors are paid, the CAQ will ensure Quebecers not only have a family doctor but can benefit from a real team engagement within a reasonable timeframe.

Front Line Care Access

Better access to care without appointment, better access to healthcare in the evening and during the weekend in CLSCs, FMGs and network clinics and the ability to make appointments online are much needed. Such measures to facilitate access to front line medicine will reduce waiting time in hospital emergency rooms.

Reduce waiting time to be seen by a doctor at the emergency room

Many turn to hospital emergency centres for minor health problems because they have no other choice. Facilitating access to front-line medical services will make it possible to reduce pressure on emergency rooms and help seeing a doctor quicker.

Doctor remuneration

A new agreement with specialists is required to roll back their remuneration to more reasonable levels.

Network decentralization and management

Institutions, user committees, managers and boards of directors need greater latitude and independence to better shoulder their responsibilities.

Ending excessive parking fees

Hospital parking will be free for the first 2 hours and, depending on the region, fees will be capped to $7 or $10 per day.


More full-time nurse positions, abolition of mandatory overtime, revision of patients-nurse ratios and deployment of specialized nurse practitioners are all in the books.

Hospital and CHSLD renovations

Many healthcare centres will be renovated to avoid higher midterm costs.


A plan will be adopted to promote healthy life habits and combat the incidence of obesity and chronic diseases. The CAQ also intends to deal with the problem of unnecessary medical diagnoses and excessive medication.



 2 August 2018


Regions need more power and autonomy. We will achieve this by transferring responsibilities as well as human and financial resources to them.

Internet and Cellular Connections

All the province’s populated territories need to have high-speed internet and quality cellular coverage. Not only are those assets, but they are prerequisites to perform in today’s economy. The future of many regions depends on them.

Upgraded role for Investissement Québec

A clear, unequivocal and strong mandate is needed to promote investment, entrepreneurship and development through each region’s specific strength.

Village schools

Some 10 to 20 schools close in Québec each year. A CAQ government will do everything it can to keep village schools open and to prevent their devitalization.

Natural Resource Processing

This means diversified industrial activities for our regions. Processing of natural resources must be encouraged in areas where they are exploited.

Creation of New Recreational and Touristic Areas

Natural scenery and villages must be enhanced and promoted to get the most out of tourism. We will invest accordingly in existing areas and develop new projects for the future.

Regional Transportation

We need an efficient system to ensure transportation of people and goods across Québec’s territory. This is especially true in rural areas.


Cégep financing will be revised to ensure their future, incentive is also needed for continued education to make it attractive to younger people. The Collegiate centres for technological transfers will be put to contribution to transform cégeps in true economic-development centres.

Religious Heritage

Québec’s churches are heritage assets of incalculable value. Their conservation and enhancement are responsibilities a CAQ government will assume to the fullest.



 2 August 2018

Combating Waste

Misuse must be hunted all over the public sector, especially in the management of government software development contracts. We will provide more resources and give greater powers to the General Auditor to help keep watch on public finances.

Ending Privilege in the Government System

A CAQ government will no longer offer “golden parachutes” that provide senior civil servants or public institution directors with exceptional remuneration or protection when they leave their job.

Taxation System Simplification

Taxpayers should have only one income tax report form to fill in for both levels of government, to be managed by Québec.

Making Senior Government Officials Accountable

The immunity enjoyed by deputy ministers and public institution directors must end. They must be held accountable for their management.

Revenue Agency

Taxpayers must be treated fairly and with respected in their dealings with tax offices. It is unacceptable for citizens of good faith to be treated like criminals or suspected of fraud at the first sign of a problem in their income tax report.

Repay Our Debt

The CAQ considers intergenerational equity as one of its main causes. We adhere to the importance of paying back Québec’s debt according to goals set forth in the current legislation.

Ending IT Confusion

Québec’s government must rebuild its expertise to adequately manage its computer-related projects. This will be accomplished by recruiting top specialists and offering them remuneration competitive with the private sector.

Justice and Integrity


 2 August 2018

Legislation to prevent patronage appointments

A CAQ government will adopt legislation regulating the appointment of high-ranking civil servants to prevent them being named because of their political affiliation.

Independence of the chief of UPAC

UPAC’s chief will be appointed after approval by two thirds of the National Assembly. This key position must be completely independent from political powers. The same is also true for the Directeur des poursuites criminelles et pénales and for the general manager of the Sûreté du Québec. Only then will their impartiality be guaranteed.

Fight Against Corruption

Controls will be tightened to eliminate “extras” in public works contracts. Protection of whistle-blowers will also be enhanced.

Guidelines for Legalization of Marijuana

Consumption of marijuana in all public spaces will be prohibited, and the legal consumption age will be raised to 21 years old. This is an essential measure to ensure the well-being of our young people and peace of mind for our families.

Access to the Judiciary System

Justice must be more accessible for all citizens within reasonable delays. In fact, the CAQ intends to put our complete justice system back on track.

Crime victims

The compensation regime for victims of criminal acts (IVAC) needs to be revised to correct its numerous deficiencies and accelerate processing of compensation requests.

Abolition of the prescription period for sexual assaults

Victims of sexual assaults must not see their efforts to obtain justice impeded by a prescription period that has no reason to be. A CAQ government will abolish prescription for civil cases.

Administrative Judge Appointments

A transparent selection and appointment process will be established for administrative judges. Independence and competence must take precedence over political allegiance.

Supreme Court

The CAQ makes a clear engagement to demand mandatory bilingualism in the country’s higher court. We also want to ensure that Québec judges are nominated for the Supreme Court by National Assembly resolutions.

Identity and culture


 2 August 2018

Greater autonomy for Québec

The CAQ wants more autonomy for Québec within Canada, with the objective of full constitutional recognition as a nation.

Religious signs

Religious signs will be prohibited for all persons in position of authority, including teachers. After 10 years of discussion on the subject and on reasonable accommodations, it is more than time to act and adopt legislation clearly establishing the secularity of the state.

Foreign Diploma Recognition

Unnecessary roadblocks will be removed to accelerate and make the assessment of competencies more flexible. Nothing is more discouraging for a new immigrant to finally arrive in Québec after years of waiting and sacrifices and to be told that his diploma is not recognized.

Immigration Numbers

To better welcome immigrants, we should admit 20% fewer of them, while maintaining resource levels. Québec remains open to immigration, but the number of people arriving must match our capacity to welcome and integrate them.

Knowledge of Québec Values Evaluation

This is a way to ensure better integration of new arrivals in the community. All societies must be able to gather around common values.

100% Francization

For greater success in the integration of immigrants, it will be mandatory for any newcomer wanting a Selection Certificate to learn French. This will give them more opportunities to work and prosper in Québec.

More Cultural Activities in School

We plan on adopting practical measures to promote the love of arts among our children. This is one of school’s most rewarding roles.

Support for Artists

The Québec artistic scene is vibrant and open to the world. A CAQ government will promote wider distribution of our artists’ work within Québec as well as abroad.

Promotion of French

The Office de la langue française will be given a clear mandate to coordinate a concerted francization effort across Québec. A commissioner to French language will be appointed and tasked with receiving complaints from the people and with recommending ways to ensure the status of French as the common language of Québec.

Native people (First Nations and Inuits)

The United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples will be implemented, as well as the recommendations of the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, within the authority of the National Assembly of Québec.



 2 August 2018

More money in people’s pockets

We will provide concrete support to all who have children or wish to have more.

Lower School Taxes

School taxes will be standardized at their lowest level across Québec. Currently, they can triple from one region to the other, which is totally unfair for Quebec families. The CAQ will end this problem. Lowering school taxes this much will make it easier for people to become house owners.


We will promote better management, easier access, higher quality standards, shorter waiting lists and more flexible hours in daycare centres.

Family law

Family law will be updated to reflect the new reality of parenthood and to better protect the interest of the child.

Parental leave of absence

New parents will get support and will be will be able to spend more quality time with their newborns, without increasing worker and employer contributions.

Taxpayer protection

We will establish clear limits on income tax or government service fee increases. Québec families will no longer be subject to the price hikes and other nasty surprises that have been common is the last few years.

Fight Against Mistreatment

There will be wider powers and means to protect children subject to physical and psychological violence. The DPJ needs to be more accountable.