The CAQ Gains Benefits for Citizens of the 450


 6 April 2016

For several months now, the CAQ critic for transport, Claude Surprenant, has been fighting a long and arduous battle with the Liberal government; for the reform of the governance of public transport, in the Greater Montreal area, to better meet the needs of the North and South Shore communities. During the productive discussions held with Minister Daoust, the member for Groulx succeeded to convey the merits of his proposal to ensure the sound management of public transit in the 450 regions.

“In addition to the increased accountability and representation of municipal officials in decision making, the CAQ has achieved major changes to the government’s bill 76. Jacques Daoust has finally accepted, after obtaining approval from the Ministerial Council, to create committees composed of elected officials, who will represent the North and the South Shores amidst the metropolitan transit system (RTM). The CAQ has also amended a major benefit to the elected municipal officials and their citizens. The composition of the executive board has passed from 5 to 8 members elected by the population, out the 15 on the board; thus obtaining a democratic majority. I fought relentlessly. The Minister of Transport had to change, and we had to hammer constantly, on our end, to get the message through to the government. Today, I am proud to say to Quebecers from the 450, that their interests will be better served, thanks to my political party’s hard work”, stated Claude Surprenant.

The CAQ member notes that bill 76 is still being studied in parliamentary committee, and that he will keep defending the interests of Quebecers living in Montreal’s suburbs. “Radical centralization does not always yield the best outcome. The Minister recognized this fact, considering that the initial aim was to reduce the number of organisations managing public transit services, from 9 to 1, for both Shores. However, the regions’ realities are specific, and differ from the Greater Montreal’s. During the discussions, the CAQ was listening, and ensuring that the requests made by the North and South Shores were in accordance with the municipalities of the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC). We made sure to remind this to the Minister, during the detailed study”, concluded Claude Surprenant.

The CAQ’s Line 434: 10,000 Quebecers Already On-Board


 3 March 2016

Coalition Avenir Québec has already rallied 10,000 Quebecers with its internet campaign “Line 434”. It aims to inform parents, relying on subsidized child-care, of the tax shock imposed by the Couillard government.

The CAQ critic for public finance and member for Granby, François Bonnardel, considers that the effort is already yielding success early in March; in midst of the tax season. He invites parents who haven’t had the privilege, to type and find out what is going to appear on “their” line 434. They can also sign the petition to contest this hidden tax on child-care services, imposed by the Liberals.

“We are proud to have the support of 10,000 parents and citizens, who are fed up of a government which since its election, has made increasing taxes and fees its trademark. The discontent is real, and understandably so. The people feel that their expenses and taxes are growing, but not their income. For many families, there is a surprise expenditure of $2,300, incurred in line 434 alone. It is unacceptable”, stated François Bonnardel.

Only a few clicks away by computer, smart phone or tablet, the campaign “line 434” is within everyone’s reach at In addition to signing the petition, Quebecers can denounce the Liberal government on the social networks.

Please take note that the member for Granby and CAQ critic for public finance, François Bonnardel, is available to answer all journalists’ questions on the topic.

The CAQ Campaigns “Line 434”


 29 February 2016

On Monday, Coalition Avenir Québec has made public its online campaign called “Line 434”, to denounce the broken promise of the Liberal government: Tax rates on childcare services were not supposed to increase beyond inflation. The CAQ has chosen this title in reference to the new line that will appear on the personal tax declaration for 2015 and that will affect thousands of parents with up to $2,300 payable as of April 1st.

The CAQ invites all Quebecers to voice loud and clear their lack of satisfaction and their protests facing the decision made by the Couillard government: To dip in the pockets of Quebecer families, thus breaking an electoral promise. The CAQ provided the tools for the latter with a website that contains an online calculator, a petition, and visuals to share on social Medias.

The CAQ critic for public finance and member for Granby, François Bonnardel, called this tax bombshell: A ticking time-bomb for thousands of families. “We wish to expose the sneaky nature of this increase that the government tried to camouflage through a convoluted fiscal policy. It is quite an expense that is in store for parents that are already paying $7.30 per day. Many will have to pay up to $12.70 more per day, without seeing it coming. It is preposterous! We are inviting citizens to calculate “their” line 434 and to sign our petition”, stated François Bonnardel, encouraging Quebecers to raise awareness by visiting the CAQ’s online campaign, at:

The CAQ critic for families and member for Repentigny, Lise Lavallée, has condemned this as yet another harmful action set by the Liberal monopoly. After managing Quebec’s government poorly since 2003, the Liberals are compelled to put parents through a tax shock, and this in a spineless manner, she regretted.

“It is while filling the tax declaration, which is already difficult and stressful for taxpayers, that parents will notice the rate calibration for daycare services. The Prime Minister will have to bear the consequences of this decision, and voters will remember this empty promise in the next general elections”, concluded Lise Lavallée.

The CAQ’s “Line 434” campaign is accessible at: With a few clicks of their phones or tablets, those concerned by the issue may now calculate their losses, sign a petition and denounce the Liberal government on the social Medias.

Tax Hike Contested!


 23 February 2016

A tax hike that will be applied for motorists in the 450 area, to finance public transit on the island, causes outrage to concerned taxpayers.

As La Presse recalls, more than a million drivers in the 66 municipalities of the 450, will soon need to disburse an additional $45 per vehicle.

Vehicle owners interviewed by TVA, contest loud and clear this new tax. “I think we will leave the province. We are taxed excessively. We are taxed on everything, on gas…I will do my taxes soon, and pay half of what I made”, regretted one of them.

Taxpayers are now called to sign the petition on the website: in order to urge the government to remove this tax hike from bill 76.

Several thousands have already expressed their discontent by signing this letter.

Fasten Your Seatbelts! A New Tax in the 450.


 21 February 2016

More than a million drivers from the 66 municipalities in the 450 area code will likely have to pay an additional $45 per vehicle, to finance Montreal’s public transit.

MNAs Nathalie Roy, Mario Laframboise and Claude Surprenant require that the Liberal government abolish this new tax for motorists.

The CAQ members have vividly contested this sneaky new tax, proposed in the frameworks of bill 76, currently scrutinized at the National Assembly. This new tariff, which will be added to the vehicle matriculation, aims to finance public transit. It will be commanded and regulated throughout the regions of the Montreal Metropolitan Community.

“We must fight against greenhouse gas emission by developing public transit, but it shouldn’t be up to already-overtaxed, middle-class citizens to foot the bill. Especially since many of these families cannot rely on public transit for their daily needs. Families in the South-shore and in the North-Shore can bear no more: With the Liberals elected, everything is at a high except their income”, criticized Nathalie Roy.

The citizens living in both shores already pay $30 for public transit. These new measures will increase the sum to $75, like on the Montreal Island.

The population is invited to denounce this sneaky tax hike, at

Childcare Costs: A Hefty Bill for Many Parents.


 12 January 2016

Coalition Avenir Québec condemns the overwhelming costs imposed on parents that have kids in a subsidized daycare.

In effect since April 2015, the increase in care costs by Couillard’s government is payable upon declaration of income.

“It is like saying: Use the network now and pay later. It is certain to harm”, denounces Deputy Lise Lavallée in the Journal de Québec.

The member for Repentigny recalls that Philippe Couillard promised, however, to index child-care rates to the cost of life.

For the CAQ member, it is obvious that it will get harder and harder for Quebec’s parents to save money for daycare, when the grocery basket and electricity rates are increasing indefinitely.

The CAQ Denounces Increase for Recreational Leaseholders.


 5 January 2016

For thousands of Quebec’s recreational chalet owners, the beginning of 2016 is particularly shocking. It is marked by yet another overwhelming Liberal tariff, denounced Coalition Avenir Québec critic for regional economic development, tourism and member for Nicolet-Bécancour, Donald Martel.

By deciding to increase the reference values used to determine the rent amounts of these public terrains, the Philippe Couillard government is putting Quebec’s tourist industry in danger and is penalizing many terrain owners that choose Quebec as a touristic destination.

As they have done nothing since 2003 to prevent the present situation; the Liberals will enforce, until 2019, a 74% average rent increase throughout Quebec. This increase will be of 184% for the Québec region, 109% for northern Quebec, 99% for Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and 64% for Mauricie.

“The Liberals have been there since 2003 and they are solely responsible for this situation. The government has cowardly decided to feed on a specific group of Quebecers: Those who create Quebec’s tourism and benefit of the treasures that abound our regions. The Liberals are dipping once again in taxpayer pockets, without considering the consequences of their actions. What a lack of vision! Crown lands are a part of Quebecers’ collective heritage, but henceforth, owners may decide to rid of their chalet or to reduce their visits”, regretted Donald Martel, while recalling that rent increases are equally accompanied by an increase in administration fees for land management.

The CAQ member added that he worries of direct consequences on small businesses in regions that highly rely on tourists.

“The government must hear the heartfelt pleas of all these chalet owners and to put an end to this extreme taxation. Even if the Minister of Natural Resources believes that this overwhelming charge will be muffled by a gradual 5-year implementation, it is nonetheless a masked tax. An indexation to inflation should have been made during the last fifteen years, but the PLQ is unable to manage”, concluded Donald Martel.