Maisonneuve College : The CAQ Asks the SQ to Investigate


 25 February 2016

François Legault demands an investigation by the SQ of recent events that happened in the Maisonneuve College.

La Presse revealed on Thursday morning that the college has once again come into conflict with Adil Charkaoui, after breaking all ties last year, when several youths departed to Syria. Sunday, the preacher was at the heart of an incident with a security guard, that required police intervention.

The group has basically rented the gym to play soccer. However, when the guard arrived, he saw the men praying.

François Legault believes that light must be shed on these matters, and concrete measures must be applied to prevent the radicalization of our youth.

“The events in Maisonneuve College are very upsetting. I find it hard to believe that the college would allow someone like Adil Charkaoui to continue preaching against Quebec’s values, and drawing our impressionable youngsters to radical behaviour. Though we have done it before, we are demanding an investigation by the SQ, of occurrences in Maisonneuve College. We ask that these events be taken very seriously”.

Until last year, Adil Charkaoui was renting classrooms at the college for the activities of the School of Comrades, an organisation affiliated with the Islamic Community Center of East Montreal (CCIEM), of which he is president. The college canceled rental agreement on February 26, when it was discovered that at least two of the six young Montrealers that left to Syria in January, were connected to the preacher.