Bombardier to Relocate 75 Jobs, the CAQ Reveals


 23 February 2016

Worrying information came across on Tuesday: Coalition Avenir Québec’s house leader, François Bonnardel, disclosed that Bombardier will relocate 75 jobs from the Mirabel flight test center to Kansas.

Research led by the CAQ uncovered an agreement made in 2011 between Bombardier and the city of Wichita, Kansas, for an expansion of the aeronautics company’s facilities. The latter has committed to the creation of 450 jobs over five years, in return for the mere subsidy of 30 million dollars. The CAQ Leader considers that the Liberal government, which invested 1.3 billion dollars in the C Series, must renegotiate the terms, and also demand for a minimal employment guarantee from Bombardier, the way Kansas did.

“Since the government decided to play Santa with Bombardier, the company has obliterated 2,400 jobs. However, not everyone in North America negotiates in the same manner. In Kansas, Bombardier committed to the creation of 450 jobs over five years. Today, the company is well above its target, having created over 600 jobs. Meanwhile, the Liberal government has made no targeted demands to create jobs at home! The Minister of Transport can no longer justify the unjustifiable: He needs to renegotiate the terms with Bombardier and maintain the jobs that are left in Quebec, especially the ones in Mirabel”, he stated.

According to testimonials obtained by the CAQ, 75 jobs at the flight test center in Mirabel for the C Series are being transferred to Kansas. “We are a laughing stock, it is as simple as that! On what planet does the Minister of Transport live?” questions François Bonnardel.

Anticosti: The Government Is Drowning in Quicksand.


 17 February 2016

It isn’t every day that we see a government rejecting a motion to respect its own contractual obligations. Nonetheless, it is exactly what happened on Wednesday, while numerous Liberal MNAs compromised their own convictions just to save face for their Prime Minister, regretted the member for Saint-Hyacinthe, Chantal Soucy.

The CAQ member deems the situation ever more absurd since only recently, Philippe Couillard stated his clear intention to honour his contract with the oil companies.

“The government is drowning in quicksand. This morning, Marcel Dutil, a longstanding Liberal and owner of an important outfitter in Anticosti, criticised the Prime Minister’s senseless and radical position. Dutil agrees that drilling three wells would not constitute a threat to the territory and environment of the island. All the while, our Prime Minister is breaking his commitment in vain, by refusing to complete the hydrocarbon exploration on Anticosti”, stated Chantal Soucy, instigator of the motion.

David Heurtel, Couillard’s Second in Command?

“Today, it became clear which MNA has the most say in the new Liberal party. I emphasize new, as since last December, the political party is unrecognizable. Recently, many thought that the Environment Minister, David Heurtel, was on the verge of losing his ministry. Yet, what we saw during this afternoon’s vote was that he has become a heavyweight in Philippe Couillard’s cabinet, possibly his right-hand man”, said the MNA astonished, as Mr. Heurtel beamed with uncompromised pride.

The member for Saint-Hyacinthe concluded by reminding that the creation of wealth for Quebec needs to be the number one priority for the Couillard government; not ripping a contract that may create wealth for years to come, after it is signed, sealed and delivered.


Anticosti Project Is Very Controversial


 16 February 2016

The Anticosti project remains very controversial.

Yesterday, the Petrolia Company deplored being subjected to wrongful treatment by the Prime Minister of Quebec and reported possible legal recourse at failure to resume the Anticosti explorations.

François Legault criticised in a press conference and in an interview for RDI’s Patrice Roy, Philippe Couillard’s intrusion and overkill in this matter. “To my knowledge, this behaviour is unprecedented: A business partner of the government deserves a press conference to schedule a meeting with the government. Is that how Mr. Couillard works with his partners? Need I remind him that Quebecers invested millions of dollars in that partnership? They are also the ones that will have to pay the bill if the government is taken to court by its partners. There is a line to be drawn when playing with public money for the sake of Mr. Couillard’s mood swings”, he regrets.

Also, Coalition Avenir Québec will be tabling a motion on Wednesday to force Liberal MNAs to render a conscientious decision for honouring their hydrocarbon development contract with Petrolia.

The CAQ house leader, François Bonnardel, had a debate with MNA for Québec Solidaire, Manon Massé, on the waves of 98.5 on Tuesday morning.

“We invested 115 million dollars of Quebecers’ money in this project until now. Shouldn’t we at least see the exploration to its end before taking a final decision? We have three wells to dig on the Anticosti Island. The environmental footprint is of 0.06% of the Island. Why shouldn’t we create great wealth for Quebecers if the opportunity is good and sound?” he wonders.



Communication With Petrolia Interrupted: The Exaggeration of Philippe Couillard.


 15 February 2016

Coalition Avenir Québec will be tabling a motion on Wednesday to force Liberal MNAs to render a conscientious decision for honouring their Anticosti hydrocarbon development contract with Petrolia. This was an announcement made on Monday, by the Coalition Avenir Québec Leader and member for l’Assomption, François Legault.

Mr. Legault considers that it is irresponsible and unacceptable for the Liberal government to interrupt all discussions with its business partner since the Prime Minister took part in the Paris Conference last December. “To my knowledge, this behaviour is unprecedented: A business partner of the government deserves a press conference to schedule a meeting with the government. Is that how Mr. Couillard works with his partners? Need I remind him that Quebecers invested millions of dollars in that partnership? They are also the ones that will have to pay the bill if the government is taken to court by its partners. There is a line to be drawn when playing with public money for the sake of Mr. Couillard’s mood swings”, declared François Legault.

“On one hand, the Couillard government is ending communication with its business partner. On the other, it is opening communication with environmental activists. We know that numbers are not important for Mr. Couillard, but his actions will lead to losses of millions of dollars for Quebecers. Is the priority of our Prime Minister to cater to Québec Solidaire, or to take care of real business?” was questioning François Legault.

Recall that the shares of Petrolia have dropped considerably since the announcement by the Prime Minister in Paris. This morning, the company’s CEO stated not precluding legal action against the government.

Anticosti: The Obsession of One Man.


 10 February 2016

The struggle of Prime Minister Philippe Couillard against the Anticosti Island exploration works is beginning to appear evermore as the obsession of one man, according to François Legault.

The CAQ Leader considers that the mood swings stamping the PM as well as the inconsistencies characterizing his government regarding the Anticosti project, are irresponsible and harmful to Quebec’s economic future. Mr. Couillard has also formally refused to commit to the oil project, even if the exploration phase promises profitability, criticized the CAQ Leader, during the National Assembly’s Question Period.

“The Prime Minister says at first that he has no enthusiasm to develop Quebec’s hydrocarbon potential. He then adds: I hope they stop sickening me with Anticosti, now. Then we learn that his government has called on environmentalist pressure groups to rally against the project. Finally, Couillard claims that Charest before him, has never approved of such a project. Yet, we learn that it is Jean Charest’s cabinet that began discussions with companies to partner up for the exploration of the Anticosti Island! We need to create prosperity for Quebec, and the Prime Minister isn’t even cooperating to find out whether the Anticosti project is economically profitable”, objected François Legault.

The CAQ Leader proceeds by specifying that the Anticosti project is indeed, an opportunity to create wealth for Quebec. He asks the Liberal government to respect its commitment and to reach the end of the preliminary phase of exploration, thus enabling a clear assessment of profitability. “Quebec must create wealth. It isn’t an end by itself, but we need to finance our schools, our public transportation projects, and to reduce our taxes. Quebec receives 9.5 billion dollars in equalization payments, because it is poorer than other Canadian provinces. Why does the Prime Minister want Quebec to remain dependent on these payments?” questioned François Legault.


3,200 Jobs Lost in January: Couillard’s Objectives Failed.


 5 February 2016

The employment report by Statistics Canada for the month of January highlights the loss of 3,200 jobs. Prime Minister Philippe Couillard can no longer make absent claims. His economic balance sheet is still poor, and he has a long way to go in order to put Quebec back on the path to prosperity, stated Coalition Avenir Québec Leader and member for L’Assomption, François Legault.

At this rate, the Liberal Leader is on his way to breaking one of his key campaign promises: Creating 250,000 jobs until the end of his mandate. Today, there’s no longer a single Quebecer that believes that Philippe Couillard will keep his word, indicated Mr. Legault. “We are at the middle of the term, and only 42,700 jobs have been created. After 22 months, it is a proof that the promise by Philippe Couillard to create 250,000 jobs is dead and buried. We have yet to witness whether the Prime Minister will have the courage to tell Quebecers the truth”, said the CAQ Leader.

The most recent employment report made public on Friday by Statistics Canada, is confirming the lack of vision and ambition by the Liberal government in matters of economy. Had they implemented a sound manufacturing policy to replenish the economy, Quebec would be able to turn a strategic benefit from the fall in oil prices and Canadian currency, as well as from the economic growth of the United States, highlighted Legault. “Philippe Couillard can keep telling us that the numbers are not important, but behind these numbers there are workers and families that face uncertainty”, he mentioned.

The CAQ Leader continued by reminding that his party has committed to create a Fund of 5 billion dollars over 5 years, to revamp the manufacturing sector and to incite our organizations to invest more and become competitive on a global scale. The CAQ has equally demanded a $500 tax reduction starting this year for every Quebecer earning $150,000 yearly or less, to stimulate household consumption in every region in Quebec. “Since the beginning of the year, I have proposed two resilient measures to invigorate our economy. We need to act now to replenish and develop our economy. These are two building blocks by the CAQ that I hope will inspire the government in creating prosperity for all Quebecers”, concluded François Legault.


Quebec Loses Yet Another of Its Assets.


 3 February 2016

Coalition Avenir Québec Leader and member for L’Assomption, François Legault, is very worried to see Quebec become a branch plant economy under the Liberal regime, following the acquisition of Rona by American conglomerate Lowe’s for 3.2 billion dollars. Mr. Legault is ever more surprised by the reaction of the new minister of Economy: She has commended the transaction on Wednesday morning. These are dark times for Quebec’s economic development.

“Today, the deal is done and it is thus a sad day for Quebec. It is always too little too late with the Liberal government. One of the benefits of the Quiet Revolution and for Quebec’s nationalists, in the midst of all political parties, was the turning of Quebec into an economy of owners. Now, the Liberals are accepting a demotion into an economy of branches. Never would the Americans, Germans and Japanese have accepted that. Philippe Couillard and the Liberal Party have abandoned ship!” stated François Legault, in response to the minister of Economy’s first appalling public appearance.

Questions Remain Unanswered.

Mr. Legault proceeded by pointing out that Quebecers deserve to be told the truth: It is too late to stop the sale of Rona. However, important questions remain unanswered and the Liberals have an obligation respond. “Why did Investments Quebec (IQ) sell their shares for Rona in 2015? Was it because Philippe Couillard said that it was a mistake to interfere in 2012? He sent this message by challenging the actions of Raymond Bachand to prevent the sale of Rona in 2012. It was, unfortunately, the first nail in Rona’s coffin as a Quebecer company”, regretted the CAQ Leader.

The concession of yet another successful Quebecer enterprise, (after Provigo, Alcan, Astral and Cirque du Soleil to name only a few) is an ever clear sign that our economy isn’t recovering, added Mr. Legault. “We sacrifice lucrative head office jobs, the professionals that remain in proximity of these jobs, and Quebec based supply chains. Today, the Liberal government is accepting this ownership transfer bowing down, but I am shocked that the Prime Minister will not even fight to keep all of Rona’s suppliers and jobs in Quebec”, he thundered.

The CAQ Leader stated that the neglect demonstrated by the Couillard government towards our nation has reached new heights. “Even the former Finance Minister Raymond Bachand reacted promptly in 2012 to prevent the acquisition of Rona by Lowe’s. Bachand considered that Rona was a strategic asset for Quebec, while today, Philippe Couillard has simply no resolve to defend our headquarters”, concluded François Legault.

Stimulate the Economy: 500$ Tax Cuts


 26 January 2016

Coalition Avenir Québec Leader, François Legault, has taken initiative, at the end of his pre-sessional MNA caucus, to make a suggestion to the Liberal government. He proposed to allocate a part of the budget surplus from the Generations Fund towards a tax reduction in order to stimulate Quebec’s economy. This strategy will place $500 in the pockets of every Quebecer earning less than $150,000 starting this year. The CAQ Leader considers that all effort to reimburse the debt will be in vain if there is no economic growth.

“We are living in times of slow global economy. Moreover, Quebec’s local economy is suffering, and we need to act immediately. We need a plan to stimulate Quebec’s economy. Since we are ranking the lowest for disposable revenue per-capita, among all Canadian provinces, it seems vital for us to put money back in the hands of Quebecers to stimulate consumption”, declared the CAQ Leader.

François Legault explained that Quebec is currently in a situation of budgetary surplus, which the government is planning to disburse entirely to the Generations Fund. The Fund’s founding legislation predicts that the national debt to GDP ratio must be of 45% by 2026. b) Since Quebec’s forecasted economic growth is so underwhelming (Yesterday, Desjardins lowered the forecast for 2016 to no more than 1.3%), that it is now legitimate to question whether this objective will be met.

“It seems great to drive billions into the Generations Fund, but combined with our anemic growth, it will entail great sacrifices. If we do not revitalise our economic growth, we will not reimburse the debt while preserving quality public services and reducing tax for Quebecers. And if we do not reduce tax for Quebecers, we will not revitalise our economy”, he followed.

To get Quebec out of this vicious circle, the CAQ Leader proposed to use 1.75 billion of the surplus put in the Generations Fund for the fiscal year of 2016-2017, to allow Quebecers a tax cut. This measure will enable all Quebecers earning less than $150,000 to save $500 on their income tax return starting April 1st, 2016. A ministerial directive will also ensure that employers include this measure when calculating withheld tax deductions, thus benefiting all at every pay.

“On top of improving Quebecers’ quality of life, reducing taxation will also allow to stimulate consumption and to contribute to our economic recovery. It is only by increasing economic growth, through measures like the one we presented yesterday, that we will reach the debt/GDP ratio set by the Generations Fund legislation. We need wealthier Quebecers for a wealthier Quebec”, concluded François Legault, in a statement issued during his party’s two day meeting.