Quebec Gun Registry: Legault Announces Free Vote for MNAs


 24 March 2016

In order to fairly reflect the opinions of citizens from all of Quebec’s regions, François Legault announces that the MNAs of the CAQ will have the right to a free vote on the final version of bill 64, tabled by the Couillard government and aiming to create a gun registry in Quebec.

According to François Legault, it is essential for the regions of Quebec to have a voice in these matters, much like the urban areas. For this reason, the CAQ’s MNAs will be able to vote in the best interest of their citizens, he explains.

“In all honesty, Quebecers have had enough of partisan alignment. Montreal has its take, and the regions each their own. It is normal to have a discrepancy, and I believe that expressing these differences is a strength. It makes Quebec stronger! I believe that in the moment of truth, the MNAs will make the right choice. Some of the old fashioned politicians may scold this approach, but I believe that true leadership lies in empowering our elected officials”, stated Mr. Legault, accompanied by the CAQ’s house leader François Bonnardel; chair of caucus, Nathalie Roy; and critic for security, André Spénard.

The CAQ Leader emphasizes that the groups invited to take part at the parliamentary committee are at the mere introductory stages of this prevalent matter. It is thus too early to tell how bill 64 will shape for its final version. Careful scrutiny of the bill needs to take its course, unaffected by the MNAs voting their conscience. In any event, individual positions will be divulged only upon the completion of the parliamentary committee and careful examination of all amendments, he adds.

“Allowing free vote, is refusing to muzzle our elected officials by a single approach. However, this doesn’t mean that they will not reach a consensus after the bill has been amended; in correlation to the good faith and willingness of the government to adopt changes to the bill. Let us believe in our MNAs; in their ability to evaluate and judge. This will also be a concrete measure to fight cynicism”, concludes the CAQ Leader.