Call for unions to intensity negociations


 5 May 2021

Accompanied by the Minister responsible for Government Administration and Chair of the Conseil du trésor, Ms. Sonia LeBel, Premier François Legault met with several main union organizations’ leaders and called on them to intensify negotiations to reach an agreement quickly. With the health crisis experienced by all Quebecers for over a year, it is time to put this issue behind us.

The Premier and the Minister took the opportunity to outline the latest employer offers tabled on March 31.

In health care

  • The hiring of 14,000 new employees, including 3,500 nurses
  • 23% increase in the remuneration of beneficiary attendants in CHSLDs
  • Significant increase in the night, evening, and weekend premiums for nurses

In education

  • 18% increase in entry-level teacher pay
  • Increased teachers’ salaries to $91,000 at the maximum the scale
  • Addition of professionals to support special needs students
  • Enhancement of the profession at the elementary and secondary levels

All government employees

  • 8% pay increase over three years

“Sonia LeBel is very active in negotiating with the unions and is doing a remarkable job. The agreement with the nurses of the Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec and the agreement with the elementary and secondary school teachers of the Fédération autonome de l’enseignement are proof of this. It is also important to note that the collective agreements expired a year ago. We are experiencing a crisis that requires us to work together for the good of our citizens. I hope that we will intensify discussions to conclude all negotiations in the coming weeks. We must put all our efforts into renovating our health and education services, which have been damaged by the pandemic, as quickly as possible. Unsuccessful negotiations do not help our employees or our citizens. “

François Legault, Premier of Quebec

“Whether it’s in terms of valuing the professions, autonomy, or reducing workloads, the agreements proposed so far show that we are determined to respect our commitments. Currently, everything is on the table to find solutions that improve the working conditions of public and para-public sector employees. I invite the unions to work hard at the negotiating tables. My teams are ready right now to intensify the meetings. “

Sonia LeBel, Minister responsible for Government Administration and Chair of the Conseil du trésor