6 September 2018


  • Increase by $22M the support program for parents of gravely handicapped minor children
  • Create a better balance between the financial help provided to natural vs foster families of lightly or gravely handicapped children

Accompanied by Marilyne Picard, CAQ candidate for Soulanges, co-founder and former spokesperson of the Parents jusqu’au bout movement, and by Marie-France Beaudry, spokesperson for Parents pour toujours, François Legault said that a CAQ government will be an ally for parents of disabled children. “If Quebecers give us a vote of confidence October 1st, rest assured that we’ll be there for you,” he stated to the many concerned families present.


The Liberal “Supplément pour enfant handicapé nécessitant des soins exceptionnels” program does not meet the needs: 54% of parent demands have been denied. Not only that, support is neither progressive or adapted depending on the child’s condition. “This program lacks money and heart,” Legault deplored.


To help these families in need, a CAQ government will add $22M per year to the financial support program for parents of gravely handicapped minor children. “No one will be left behind. Help will be modulated according to the child’s condition,” explained the CAQ leader.


A CAQ government will also better balance the support provided to natural vs foster families. Work will commence rapidly between families and the various concerned ministries to establish the value of this improved aid for parents of lightly or gravely handicapped minor children.


With Maryline Picard, Marguerite Blais Danielle McCann, François Paradis and Lionel Carmant, Coalition Avenir Québec has the best team to support parents of handicapped children.



“The Liberals have been in power 15 years, and what have they done for parents of handicapped children? Not even half of what is needed. We have no other option but to replace this government. The only team that can defeat the Liberals and do more for families living with a disabled child is Coalition Avenir Québec.”  


– François Legault,  

L’Assomption MNA and Coalition Avenir Québec leader