Marguerite Blais will represent the CAQ as a candidate in Prévost


 14 August 2018

The leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec, François Legault, is very proud to announce that Marguerite Blais represent the CAQ in the riding of Prévost during the next general election. Mr. Legault is delighted to be able to count on this respected figure of Quebec policy, who makes the improvement of the quality of life and the care of seniors and caregivers her biggest priority.


The new CAQ candidate has already submitted several very interesting proposals to François Legault who is working to add them to the electoral platform of the CAQ for the next election. “It is high time for Quebec to adopt a real national policy for caregivers. The work that these people do with their loved ones who are sick is too important for our society to not be recognized. We must give them the tools and support they need to carry out their mission. The CAQ will also ensure the creation of a series of Gilles-Carle houses over the next few years. I hope that caregivers from all regions of Quebec can enjoy these homes. There is also a need for more initiatives in social geriatrics in Quebec, as Dr. Julien does with social pediatrics. Teams are needed to provide services to our elders. We must also fight against the social isolation of seniors. Quebec is not doing well at present, and we need to break the isolation of too many of our seniors. We must also improve the quality of life in our CHSLDs and make them attractive living environments. It is also necessary to enhance the value of the occupation of beneficiary attendants, “said François Legault.


The best vehicle for the cause of seniors


Marguerite Blais she has listened to her heart by joining the CAQ team. “For me, it is clear that the CAQ is the best vehicle to advance the cause of seniors and caregivers. We are the second largest society in the world to age the fastest. There are too many caregivers in Quebec for nothing to be done to improve their living conditions. There must be policies put in place, it must become a real social issue which we discuss publicly. I am delighted by the attentive listening I experienced while talking with Mr. Legault and his team. I am very proud to join them, “said the CAQ candidate.


Adequate services for the region


A resident of Saint-Hippolyte for many years, Marguerite Blais is well aware of the issues surrounding the new riding of Prévost. “The riding was created because the population growth in the area has been very large in recent years. There are many advantages to this because it adds dynamism to the region, but it also creates new needs in terms of services to citizens. The services must follow the needs. The health system in the Laurentians has for too long been underfunded compared to other regions and the consequences have been very serious, particularly due to  the aging of the population. Also, the citizens of Prévost have long mobilized for the creation of a secondary school in this part of the riding. They are right to make this request. You can count on me to study this project carefully and to follow it up. Finally, in Ste-Sophie, I want to help the municipality solve the problem of contaminated land. We need to decontaminate to make possible the sale of these lands, “she concluded.