Denis Lamothe will represent the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) in Ungava riding


 26 January 2018

The leader of Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ), Francois Legault, is proud to announce that Denis Lamothe, who worked for nearly 30 years as a police officer for the Sureté du Québec, including several years in the Nunavik communities, has joined CAQ to represent Ungava riding during the upcoming Provincial general elections.

For the CAQ candidate, it is imperative that the Member of the National Assembly (MNA) from Ungava has a good understanding of the realities of the Inuit communities of Nunavik. “ I stayed in Kuujjuarapik and Kuujjuaq for nearly 6 years. My work brought me close to the residents of the Nunavik communities. I am engaging in active politics because I am determine to improve the quality of life of the residents of Nunavik, which includes providing better government services that will meet the needs and expectations of the residents of all the communities of Nunavik “, explained Denis Lamothe.
Trust and Integrity
For Francois Legault, Denis Lamothe’s experience will permit the CAQ to connect with the realities experienced by the citizens of Nunavik. “ Denis deeply loves northern Québec and the people who live there. While working in an Indigenous milieu, Denis has built a reputation as a man who is trustworthy, a man of integrity, with sound judgement “, highlighted the leader of the CAQ.

Youth: Priority Number 1

“ The CAQ team represents the real change that we all need so much! That is exactly the reason why I accepted to join CAQ. I want to improve the quality of life of the residents of the Nunavik communities, starting with Youth, that represents our future. The time has come to give them hope and to tell to our youth that they also have the right to have goals, to succeed. Ungava County needs a strong candidate at the National Assembly in a CAQ-led Government. A government that will make it a priority to put youth at the center of its plan of actions “, according to Mr. Lamothe.

School tax: The CAQ will apply the lowest rates, no matter the region


 23 January 2018

The leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec, François Legault, wants to put a definitive end to the inequities in school taxes by applying a single rate across Québec: The lowest currently in effect. Mr. Legault made this announcement accompanied by his spokesperson for education, Jean-François Roberge, as well as his spokesperson for public finances, François Bonnardel.

Since the arrival of the liberal government 15 years ago, the amount collected by school taxes has risen approximately 113%, about 1.2 billion dollars. Over the course of only the last 5 years, we are talking about an increase of 700 million dollars, denounced the CAQ leader. Currently, the liberals are dangling a drop in school taxes that is unfair from one region to another. How is this justified to a citizen of La Mauricie or Saguenay -Lac-Saint-Jean, who pay rates that are three times higher than those of a citizen of another region. For François Legault, the liberal solution is haphazard.

A CAQ government will will therefore reduce the school tax, over a period of 4 years, to the lowest current rate. that’s 10.54 cents. This is a tax cut of 700 million dollars for Québec families, compared to the liberal promise. In doing so, the CAQ will reduce the revenues of the school tax to the levels at which they were before the arrival of the liberals to power in 2003, said the CAQ leader.

Unlike the Liberals, who are opening the door in their Bill 166 to a further increase in school taxes in the aftermath of elections, a CAQ government will decree a freeze of school taxes for the duration of their mandate.

Early childhood: A CAQ government will launch an offensive to detect learning disorders earlier


 22 January 2018

At the opening of the pre sessional caucus of his political party, the leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec, François Legault, announced that he has entrusted to Dr. Lionel Carmant, a neurologist and researcher who has worked with children at the Sainte-Justine hospital for many years, the mandate to prepare a strategy for early detection and intervention of neurodevelopmental problems in all children of Québec. Mr. Carmant will be assisted by Members of the National Assembly (MNAs) Geneviève Guilbault, François Paradis, and Jean-François Roberge, spokespersons for the CAQ, respectively, in family matters, health, and education, to accomplish this mandate.

A CAQ government will put in motion several measures to detect learning disorders as early as possible in young children, promised François Legault. Among these: Guaranteed access for all newborns and young children to a family doctor maximum three months after their birth.

According to Mr. Legault, it is paramount that children with learning disabilities are screened as early as possible, and that their parents have rapid access to specialised services, such as speech therapists, among others.

In march 2017, nearly 17 000 children aged 5 and under were on a waiting list, waiting to find a family doctor, regretted the CAQ leader. Family doctors are often the first filter in the screening and early detection of neurodevelopmental problems.

The CAQ strategy will rely heavily on interdisciplinarity, since the detection and treatment cannot be done uniquely by doctors. For the CAQ, they must be done in CLSCs, by making use of all health specialists and professionals, such as nurses, speech-language pathologists, or occupational therapists, for example.