Review of the Parliamentary session : The team for change strengthens for 2018


 8 December 2017

With a session marked by a brilliant victory in his political development in a Liberal stronghold and the beginning of a wind of positive change in Quebec, the leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec, François Legault, made a point of emphasizing that nothing is for certain, 10 months away from the general elections, especially against a Liberal government that remains a strong opponent and who will not hesitate to multiply the electoral gifts by October 2018.

Surrounded by all of his MNAs, François Legault noted that his party made significant gains for Quebecers during the last session. For example, tax cuts for families, checks for $100 per child, the second bath for our seniors, the abolition of orphan clauses, the creation of the UPAC monitoring committee.

The liberal strategy is becoming more and more clear : criticize the ideas of the CAQ on all platforms. However, they spent the whole session copying those same ideas. Between a pale copy or the original, Quebecers will be able to make the right choice, said Mr. Legault. The CAQ leader told Quebecers to hold firm. There is a strong desire for change in the population, and in order for this desire to become a reality, we must focus on the concerns of Quebecers.

Announcement of the candidate for Verdun : The CAQ presents Nicole Leduc


 5 December 2017

The leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec, François Legault, is pleased to announce that Nicole Leduc, cofounder of the transport company Orléans Express, will proudly represent the CAQ in the riding of Verdun in the upcoming general elections.

“Nicole Leduc is an extremely competent business woman who is highly devoted to her community. She is a seasoned manager and holds an MBA in finance. In terms of numbers, she and I are on the same page, and she is also an entrepreneur, a very accomplished woman. Moreover, she is eager to combat school dropout rates, as she has done in the past by volunteering in homework help programs with ‘Pathways to Education’. Quebec needs women like Nicole Leduc in government”, highlighted François Legault.

Improve the lives of families 

Nicole Leduc has been a proud inhabitant of Verdun for 29 years. An entrepreneur, manager, determined optimist, and advocate for justice, she is involved in politics for the first time in order to improve the daily lives of her fellow citizens of Verdun. “The needs are numerous in this riding, which is home to a large socio-demographic diversity. Eternally optimistic, devoted, and determined, Nicole Leduc wants to build on the great diversity which characterizes the inhabitants of Verdun, in order to create new opportunities that will improve their quality of life. As a resident of Verdun, I see day after day that the concerns of my fellow citizens and families of Verdun are not a priority for Philippe Couillard’s liberal government, this must change.” said the new candidate of the CAQ. “ At the Coalition Avenir Québec, family is at the heart of our priorities, and rightfully so. For example, in Verdun, families with children represent more than half of the population. It is necessary that we bring solutions to all of the day to day problems which confront all of these families. We also see poverty, too much poverty, and hand in hand with that come unfortunate consequences such as a higher school dropout rate. We must reduce the poverty, wherever it is in Verdun.” added Nicole Leduc.

A CAQ government

“At the Coalition Avenir Québec, our goal is to bring Quebecers together to prepare for the future. To reach their goals, the citizens of Verdun need to be able to rely on a real, qualified MNA, who is proactive and efficient, and most of all present to hear their priorities. I will be that MNA” concluded Nicole Leduc.