Bill against “orphan” clauses : We must stop unjustly punishing Quebec youth

In brief :

  • The liberals have been in power for 15 years, and yet they continually refuse to forbid “orphan” clauses.
  • The existence of these clauses is a direct hit to thousands of workers in Quebec.
  • It is by a more advantageous and modern approach that the province will retain its best candidates in key professions.
  • Intergenerational equity, in 2017, is non-negotiable.

Bill against “orphan” clauses : We must stop unjustly punishing Quebec youth

In the name of intergenerational equity, the Coalition Avenir Québec is moving to the next step and reaching out to the liberal government by introducing bill 1092, to completely ban so-called “orphan” clauses in the workplace.

These discriminatory procedures, which are based solely on one’s date of hire, no longer have a place in Quebec, as declared by the spokesperson of the CAQ on labor matters and Member of the National Assembly for Chutes-de-la-Chaudière. In power for 15 years, the liberal government has never put an end to to this discriminatory treatment, which is aimed primarily at the youth in Quebec.

This bill, entitled “An Act to amend the Act respecting labour standards to prohibit clauses providing for differences in treatment among employees”, aims to abolish “orphan” clauses, to ensure that there will no longer be two categories of workers within the same company.

Marc Picard highlights that this issue is very serious: these clauses affect more than 150 000 workers. In the name of intergenerational equity, the CAQ requests to the labor minister, Dominique Vien, to call his bill, which could be passed quickly, for the benefit of thousands of young people.

Quotes :

“For 15 years, the youth of Quebec has paid the price for the liberal government’s lack of leadership. ‘orphan’ clauses have discouraged the younger generations and unjustly punished our youth. They no longer hold a place in Quebec. It is imperative to adapt the Labor Standards Act to the reality of today. It is a question of equity for our youth and for future generations. Intergenerational equity, to the CAQ, in non-negotiable.”


Marc Picard
MNA for Chutes-de-la-Chaudière, spokesperson for the Caq on Labor matters.