Member’s Convention 2017 : Francois Legault announced that the CAQ will actively lend support to families who want to have more children.


 26 November 2017

The leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec, François Legault, announced that a CAQ government will work to eliminate the various financial obstacles which stand in the way of Quebec families who wish to have a child. Legault declared this on Sunday during his closing address, in front of more than 600 activists and supporters who united in Sherbrooke for the annual member’s convention.

The cost of raising children has become too high in Quebec, according to François Legault, who wishes to liberate mothers and fathers from the financial anxiety and burden in which they exist, after nearly 15 years of tax hikes and fee increases under the liberal party government. Additionally, the aging Quebec population leaves no doubt that there exist growing labor challenges, and Legault is highly concerned with the fact that many Quebecers are forced to give up their desires to add to their family in light of financial reasons. Over the course of the weekend, CAQ supporters adopted a series of resolutions aimed at improving the quality of life of families. During his closing discourse, the CAQ party leader announced that a CAQ government will further financially support families that wish to have children.

“Continuously, family has been the center of our lives, and the heart of our society. Family is the core of the Quebec nation. Unfortunately, over the course of the passed number of years, the increase of school taxes, rates of daycares, electricity and more, have had a gravely negative impact on them. Never have our families experienced such bad debt as now. It is so distressing, that when a couple decides to have more children, they are often forced to reconsider. It is essential that these obstacles are removed for families who desire to have kids. Evidently, the primary goal is helping families. But if, in helping them, we obtain a higher birth rate, then that is in the interest of all of Quebec. It means a stronger economy!” declared François Legault.

The party for change

François Legault was impressed and strengthened by the vigor and the pertinence of the tens of resolutions that were debated and accepted in full during the member’s convention. With 10 months left until the general elections, the leader of the party called in his troops, who came from all over Quebec, to roll up their sleeves and embody the positive change that Quebecers need.

“In the coming months, our adversaries will attack us, on all fronts, but we must not let them distract us. We have an important responsibility: that of returning hope to Quebecers, after 15 years of liberal reign. We have all that is required to enrich Quebec: creative people, entrepreneurs, excellent universities, and clean energy which we can export. Quebec can enrich our neighbours as well. We have no reason not to be ambitious. Everything is possible, we just have to think big for Quebec! Quebecers are ready for a new team: the team of change!” concluded François Legault.

Bill against “orphan” clauses : We must stop unjustly punishing Quebec youth


 23 November 2017

In the name of intergenerational equity, the Coalition Avenir Québec is moving to the next step and reaching out to the liberal government by introducing bill 1092, to completely ban so-called “orphan” clauses in the workplace.

These discriminatory procedures, which are based solely on one’s date of hire, no longer have a place in Quebec, as declared by the spokesperson of the CAQ on labor matters and Member of the National Assembly for Chutes-de-la-Chaudière. In power for 15 years, the liberal government has never put an end to to this discriminatory treatment, which is aimed primarily at the youth in Quebec.

This bill, entitled “An Act to amend the Act respecting labour standards to prohibit clauses providing for differences in treatment among employees”, aims to abolish “orphan” clauses, to ensure that there will no longer be two categories of workers within the same company.

Marc Picard highlights that this issue is very serious: these clauses affect more than 150 000 workers. In the name of intergenerational equity, the CAQ requests to the labor minister, Dominique Vien, to call his bill, which could be passed quickly, for the benefit of thousands of young people.

The Quebec Economy : Under the Liberal reign, equalization has tripled


 22 November 2017

Since the liberals came to power in 2003,the equalization received by Quebec has tripled. From four billion dollars in 2003, it will reach twelve billion in two years, according to Philippe Couillard’s liberal government’s very own predictions, as denounced by the MNA (member of the National Assembly) of L’Assomption and the leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec, François Legault.

Over the course of 15 years, the equalization cheque sent by the rest of Canada will then have tripled. During this time, Philippe Couillard has seen nothing wrong with Quebec remaining poorer than its neighbours, reiterated Mr. Legault.

Despite this information, all the the prime minister had to say on the subject of the economy was that the economic growth previewed over the course of the coming years remains feeble, in comparison to the rest of Canada. In their economic update, the liberals anticipate that for the next four years, the growth will be: 1.8% in 2018, 1.5% in 2019, 1.4% in 2020, and only 1.2% in 2021.

François Legault  has indicated that Quebec not only has demographic problems, but productivity issues as well. This is the reason for which eliminating the wealth gap between Quebec and the rest of Canada must be a priority of the Quebec government.