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Liberal family: The past catches up with Philippe Couillard

In brief :

  • Whether he likes it or not, the past catches up with Philippe Couillard
  • Philippe Couillard surrounded himself with the same people at the heart of the liberal system of influence: Marc Bibeau’s close acquaintances are the same who served under Jean Charest.
  • Yves Francoeur must testify before a parliamentary committee concerning a criminal investigation involving a liberal member still in office.

Liberal family: The past catches up with Philippe Couillard

Since the beginning of the week, it has been the Chinese water torture for Quebecers, who are learning more and more about the good old liberal system of influence, deplored the CAQ leader, François Legault.

In a week span, they learned that:

  • The exmajor party fundraiser ,Marc Bibeau, and the former premier Jean Charest are under investigation by the UPAC
  • The actual premier ’s chief of staff was defending Marc Bibeau’ s economic interests
  • A liberal MNA, still in office, is apparently under investigation for having favored a real estate developer close to the mafia, according to Yves Francoeur of the SPVM police union
  • For François Legault, all these stories have the disastrous consequence of weakening the confidence of Quebecers. Member for Montarville, Nathalie Roy demanded that a parliamentary committee will be put in place to hear Yves Francoeur.

Quotes :

“Every day we learn about more ties between the premier’s entourage and the Liberal Party major fundraisers. Scandals and troubling revelations are also multiplying. In the meantime, premier Philippe Couillard is still in reaction mode. When will Couillard get rid of the people in his entourage that were at the heart of the good old liberal system of influence?”

François Legault
MNA for L’Assomption and leader of the CAQ.

“According to Yves Francoeur’s information, rock-solid criminal investigations were blocked, especially because they were targeting two members of the liberal caucus, and one of them is apparently still in office! We have to hear Yves Francoeur before a parliamentary committee. We are talking about a criminal investigation for fraud, bribery, legislative modifications concerning a real estate deal. Yves Francoeur is not an anonymous source. Even Robert Poëti says he is a credible source!”

Nathalie Roy
MNA for Montarville, CAQ’s spokesperson for integrity