Statement of François Legault following the shooting at Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec


 29 January 2017

The shootings that took place this Sunday evening at the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec, urged the head of the CAQ, François Legault to make the following statement:

“Tonight, the city of Quebec was struck deeply in the heart. The news reported and the events unfolding before us are horrendous.

One or many shooters attacked a mosque of Sainte-Foy. Many people lost their lives and many others were seriously injured. On behalf of my political formation, I wish to offer my deepest condolences to the victims of this brutal attack.

One thing is certain: this is a barbaric and coward attack committed against innocent people. We are all supportive of the Muslim community of Quebec who is currently going through really tough times.

More than ever, we should all unite to fight against hatred, intolerance and racism. No matter what form terrorism takes, we should fight it with all the strength needed.“

For the CAQ, denunciation is mandatory in case of elder abuse


 17 January 2017

“The CAQ is going to fight to include in the new Bill 115 the duty to report elder abuse, a provision that was included in the former Bill 339 of Marguerite Blais, but had been discarded by the Quebec Liberal Party.” That was the statement made by Health critic for the CAQ, François Paradis, during the opening of the parliamentary committee to study Bill 115 to counter elder abuse.

This bill lacks teeth and contains only general principles, deplores François Paradis. “We were expecting a strong and ambitious action plan with concrete and effective tools.  Even former Liberal Member Marguerite Blais, who made the well-being of the elders the main goal of her political engagement, is left hungry! Her October 2013 bill goes far beyond that” pointed out the Member for Lévis.

The CAQ is determined to put forward many measures to fill the void and to ensure the security of our elders. The CAQ will propose these among others:

-The obligation to report any form of maltreatment of seniors;

-The immediate deposit of the rules and terms for the installation of camera surveillance, in order to guide better the residents who wish to install them in their room;

-The formal assurance that all needed resources will be available at healthcare institutions to successfully apply the law;

-The inclusion of sanctions for those who violate the rules.

“Today, others groups also demand the denunciation to be included in the bill. Groups such as, the Conseil pour la protection des malades, the Association québécoise des retraité(e)s des secteurs public et parapublic and the Association québécoise de défense des droits des personnes retraitées et préretraitées, adds cheerfully François Paradis. ”The broken promises and empty rhetoric days are over : I want concrete actions. Our elders must be treated with all the attention, the respect and the dignity they deserve. The maltreatment of our elders is a real social scourge that must be detected early to be completely eradicated. Let’s work together so that abuse cases do not occur anymore in Quebec”, concluded the Member for Levis.

François Legault calls on Philippe Couillard and Jean-François Lisée to get out of their bubble.


 13 January 2017

Accompanied by his members, the head of the CAQ, François Legault, gave an overview of the last parliamentary session. He highlighted the outstanding job conducted by the CAQ members for the last months at the National Assembly. For François Legault, the decision of the Prime Minister Philippe Couillard to prorogate the parliamentary session and to reshuffle his cabinet, once again, is an admission of failure.

“In 2016, Quebecers have realized that the Liberal Party and the Parti québécois are both living in a bubble, far away from the concerns of the population. In 2017, I invite Mr. Couillard and Mr. Lisée to get out of their bubbles and to reconnect with what Quebecers want”

Quebec’s Liberal Bubble

Philippe Couillard has demonstrated that he has little interest to listen to people‘s concerns. He refused to lower taxes for the families, refused to ban religious symbols for public workers in authority as policemen and judges, refused to admit the wrongs in the wheeling and dealings of the PLQ; Philippe Couillard is the only one thinking that he saved Quebec, has declared the CAQ leader. “When we have reached the point where Philippe Couillard is taking himself for Quebec’s savior instead of listening to the concerns of the population, we can say that the liberal bubble is on a whole new level”, said François Legault.

About the rumors of a major ministerial reshuffle, he recalls that “last year, Mr. Couillard has reshuffled his cabinet with the promise that henceforth his governmental ship would navigate toward calmer waters. The new start was only supposed to happen last year. He is now making one every year. It’s Groundhog Day! In any case, it’s hard to believe in new starts as the liberals have been in power since 2003. The Quebecers are not fooled” said François Legault.

The PQ’s Bubble

Jean-François Lisée has to stop claiming that he always knows what is good for Quebecers. His first actions as the PQ leader demonstrate just how detached he is from the financial anxiety of families.

“The first action of Lisée after his appointment was to turn down tax lowering and to court Québec Solidaire, instead of listening to Quebecers. And again this week, Lisée asked Couillard to hold a national televised debate on sovereignty. I imagine that we would have a black and white TV show” pursued the leader of the CAQ.

The strength of the CAQ team

The leader of the CAQ concluded his press briefing by emphasizing the exceptional team of members he can count on.

“I am so proud of this big family that is the CAQ. In 2014, many of our members had no political experience and were unknown to the media. Two years later, the CAQ members are … everywhere! They were able not only to breath down the Liberals necks, but also to be constructive by providing ideas. Today, the people have no choice but to recognize the depth of the CAQ’s team. In 2017, our ambition is to switch from opposition mode to a government in waiting mode!”, concluded François Legault.