CAQ wants Quebec to remain within Canada and to make concrete gains for all Quebecers


 18 November 2016


It is fair to say that Coalition Avenir Quebec’s convention – that took place this weekend at Drummondville – was a great success. More than 500 supporters of CAQ were reunited to discuss the major orientations of the party.

On this topic, this convention was an historic moment for the CAQ because the party’s members voted largely in favor of an Article 1 by which one the party will work to ensure concrete gains for Quebec and work for the prosperity of Quebec while staying within Canada.

During his closing speech at the convention, the CAQ’s leader François Legault delivered a part of his speech in English and addressed a message of hope to English speakers living in Quebec: “If you wish Quebec to flourish within Canada; If you have enough of being stuck with the Liberal Party which is worn out; If you are tired of being taken for granted; You now have another option. Join us”.

François Legault also made a big announcement during this convention. A new electricity project in the style of James Bay will be submitted to Quebecers in 2017: “Since its beginning, CAQ offers its economic development vision for the enrichment of all Quebecers. Thus, I will present soon a game’s plan that will allow Hydro-Quebec to export more electricity. We must think bigger. As a Prime Minister, I will dedicate myself to the task of building partnerships with Ontario, Newfoundland, New-Brunswick and with the Native nations. My goal will be to increase very considerably electricity exports to Ontario, New-England and New-York. Everybody will benefit from this. A CAQ’s government will then launch a great project that is going to create a thousand of high paying jobs. I am talking about launching a 21st century James Bay”

The CAQ members will vote for an Article 1 into the party’s constitution


 10 November 2016

One year after revealing the main aspects of its nationalist position, the CAQ will give the opportunity for its members and supporters to vote an Article 1 in order to crystallize its position on the national question. This Article will be voted during the party national convention at Drummondville this weekend.

The CAQ wants to gain more powers for Quebec within Canada, and this is the only position with the potential to rally enough Quebecers and defeat the Parti Libéral du Québec in 2018, as Stéphane Le Bouyonnec – the party’s president – reminded it.

“The CAQ is now an inescapable force in the political landscape of Quebec. Five years after its founding by François Legault, it is the duty of the party to set in stone now the raison d’être of our movement, i.e. to rally all Quebecers on an ambitious project that will allow Quebec to further advance and assert itself within Canada. What the Quebecers want above all is a political party that will make Quebec prosper and defend Quebec interests while staying within the Canadian federation.  Only the CAQ responds to their hopes”, declared Stéphane Le Bouyonnec.

The president of the party expressed its confidence to obtain have not only the approval of the members of the CAQ but also the Liberals one who are disappointed by the defeatist attitude of  Philippe Couillard, and also of the PQ members who no longer feel in tune with the sovereignist movement. “After more than a decade of Parti Libéral ruling, we are convinced that we can do better for our economy, our education and our values. The only political party standing up for Quebec, is the CAQ“, concluded Stéphane le Bouyonnec.

The wording of the Article 1 of the CAQ’s political agenda will be submitted to the members of the CAQ reads as follows: “The Coalition Avenir Québec is a modern nationalist party whose primary objective is to ensure the development and the prosperity of the Quebec as a nation within Canada, while defending proudly its autonomy, its values and culture”