Stand up for Quebec: François Legault launches his summer tour


 9 August 2016

The leader of the CAQ, François Legault, kicked off his tour today which will take him in about fifty ridings across Quebec. The “Debout pour le Québec” tour will allow him to meet directly with Quebecers.

The leader of the CAQ explained that he wants Quebec citizens to ask themselves this fundamental question: is Quebec better off today than it was in 2003, when the Liberal party took office? “I note that after more than a decade of ruling by the Liberal Party, we can do a better job for the economy, for the services offered to students in schools and for the defense of Quebec’s identity. Quebec can do better. More than ever, Quebec needs leadership” he says.

Week after week, the message that he intends to hammer home to Quebecers he will meet, is the necessity to stand up to Liberals. “Whether it is to reduce Quebecers taxes, offer pre‑kindergarten to all the 4 years old, create quality jobs throughout Quebec to defend our values, politics need to return to its original purpose which is to serve people. We need to stand up for the Québec” he adds. M. Legault once again invited Quebecers to join together in support of CAQ to end liberal monopoly for the next elections. “We’ve had enough of the old political parties and their tired arguments. This will be my message wherever I go : the CAQ is the alternative who can replace the Liberals. The only political party that can bring Quebecers together and ensure Quebec’s future growth. To reach this goal, we need to stand firm for Quebec!” he concluded