RONA’s Shares Sold: Legault Exposes Couillard’s Indifference


 3 June 2016

The CAQ Leader, François Legault, along with his house leader, François Bonnardel, have been pursuing the Liberals for a second day in a row; in regards to Jacques Daoust’s role in Investments Quebec’s (IQ) RONA share sale. During the Questions Period at the National Assembly, the CAQ Leader exposed Prime Minister Philippe Couillard’s laxity and indifference towards a most significant matter: The sale of a major Quebec company.

In chambers, the Prime Minister stated that he doesn’t consider necessary for his government to be consulted about key transactions, such as RONA’s share sale. “Quebec has lost a major company and, once again, the PM remains unaffected. The less he knows, the better he goes. He is just like his Minister of Transport! The Prime Minister must care about the ownership of Quebec’s companies!”, voiced the CAQ Leader.

“His memory gaps would have made the Minister of Transport an excellent witness at the Charbonneau Commission. The Minister has to resign!”, added the CAQ’s house leader. He also insisted for the old and new CEOs of IQ, for the spokesperson of the organization, and for Jacques Daoust’s former chief of staff (Pierre Ouellet), to attend a parliamentary committee.