Couillard Is Unaware of Wage Gap for Quebec and Ontario Doctors


 1 June 2016

Philippe Couillard was unable to quantify the current wage disparity between Quebec’s and Ontario’s doctors, nor for the two provinces collective salaried workers, regretted the CAQ Leader, François Legault.

The CAQ Leader recalls that when he was at the head of the Health ministry, he accepted to reduce the gap over several years, from 40% to 15%. Out of parity, he wanted the wage gap between doctors from Quebec and Ontario, to be equivalent to that of other sectors (assessed to be 15% at the time). However, it seems that the Liberal government has gone too far, with excessive increases to doctor remuneration, highlights Mr. Legault.

“Over the last 8 years, the Liberal government increased doctor remuneration by 72% for general practitioners, and 102% for specialists. This increase costed 3 billion dollars. It is completely unfair for the Quebec-Ontario doctor wage gap, to be lesser than that for other sectors. Meanwhile, RLTCC patients are fighting to get a second bath per week in Quebec. We need to find out the true salary gap between doctors in Quebec and in Ontario”, insisted François Legault, falling on the PM’s deaf ears.

The member for L’Assomption understands that daily matters are trivial to Philippe Couillard, but Quebecers should not have to pay for his negligence. “I cannot believe that the Prime Minister is unaware of this! 3 billion dollars is not catching up, but messing up. What is the Quebec-Ontario doctor salary gap today?” stressed François Legault, while encouraging the Prime Minister to take advantage of the current doctor salary negotiations, for a review of the doctor remuneration method.