Definitive Agreement with the Governement: Quebecers Are Not Getting the Best Value for Money, Regrets André Lamontagne


 23 June 2016

In the Bombardier case, the Couillard administration did not ensured that Québec taxpayers get value for money, deplores the CAQ critic for economy, André Lamontagne. Although he points out that the CAQ has always looked favorably upon the government providing assistance to Bombardier, M. Lamontagne can only assess that the many warnings sent out by his political party have been overlooked, since the Liberals were unable to ensure a minimum employment level in Québec as well as the withholding of keys activities including the flight-testing of the new C Series planes in the province.

«From our knowledge of the agreement, there is no mention of a minimum employment level, or job creation and we still have no guarantee for the maintaining in Québec of several significant activities of the company, as the flight-testing at Mirabel. I have a hard time finding the conditions of the agreement that reflect the value of the investment and the risk for the Québec and the taxpayers. Philippe cannot rewrite history and imply that the CAQ was opposed to this agreement with Bombardier. To the contrary, what we asked for and didn’t get, is the renegotiation of the agreement in a manner that we secure serious guarantees on employment, ensure the sustainability of activities related to the C Series planes and protect the taxpayers. The Couillard administration has failed from almost every angle» Lamontagne said.

The member for Johnson has stressed out that the government aid dragged on for many months. Thus, it would have been perfectly possible for the Liberals to mend its ways and seek to optimize their investment. He recalled that recently, it has been revealed that subject to the success of the C Series planes, Bombardier may repurchase the government shares at a 3% or 4% interest rates. The government would be obligated to sell them back and deprive itself of the potential profits. « It would have been possible that this agreement combine both a high profitability for taxpayers and the establishment of an ambitious employment level. But because of the Liberals we will have neither the profitability, nor the minimum employment level. What a lack of ambition from this tired Liberal government», lamented André Lamontagne.

Let us remember that the CAQ, asks for the federal government, to now take its turn to invest in Bombardier, in order to secure all possible guarantees that Quebec did not receive with the Couillard administration. The CAQ also asks the federal government to support the aeronautics industry, which is so essential to the economy of Quebec.

The CAQ Appoints Bruno Laroche


 16 June 2016

On Thursday, CAQ Leader François Legault announced that the prefect for the RCM of Rivière-du-Nord and mayor of Saint-Hippolyte, Mr. Bruno Laroche, will be wearing his party’s colors for the upcoming by-election in Saint-Jérôme.

“Bruno is a passionate man. He is very familiar with the region. We couldn’t have asked for a better candidate. He is a major political player in this community. He is close to the people, he knows their concerns, and he is ready to fight for them. His municipal experience reveals a proven track record”, stated the CAQ Leader.

“During the years, and throughout the tasks assigned to me in the municipal, I have developed a very thorough knowledge of the issues that matter to the citizens of this region. I am convinced that the CAQ is the only party that can relate to these matters, and that is ready to replace the Liberals in 2018. I sincerely feel that I am the most suitable candidate to represent the citizens of Saint-Jérôme. I will fight at the National Assembly to make sure that their utmost concerns echo throughout Québec!” expressed Bruno Laroche.

Saint-Jérôme’s Health Matters

Although the campaign hasn’t officially started, Bruno Laroche openly stated that matters of health will be among the hot topics. “The access to health services in Saint-Jérôme is disappointing. Gaétan Barrette’s Liberal reforms are failing miserably here in Saint-Jérôme”, stated Mr. Laroche, providing factual figures.

“Our health system is overwhelmed, often leaving our patients overlooked. This situation must not persist; for over 13 years, the Liberal approach has been proving to be ineffective. And have you heard the PQ address health matters recently? The answer is no! The PQ is completely out of touch, and cares only about its leadership race, internal debates, and referendum”, continued François Legault.

The CAQ Leader guarantees that his party will deliver a creative campaign that will touch the citizens of Saint-Jérôme. “Bruno’s campaign will address your very concerns; in topics like health, preschool at 4 years, and high-paying job creation. He will also defend the public against further tax hikes. The citizens of Saint-Jérôme will have the opportunity to be represented by a strong voice that will carry their message to the Liberals. That voice, is the voice of the CAQ”, concludes François Legault.

Mr. Laroche made his hands-on debut in politics as city councillor for Saint-Hyppolite in 1997. The field man, who is well known in the region, has been its mayor since 2009. He has also been a prefect for the RCM of Rivière-du-Nord since 2013. For nearly two years now, he has been the president of the Laurentian board of prefects. He is also a father of three.

Orlando Terrorist Attack: François Legault’s Statement


 13 June 2016

Following the tragedy that occurred during the night between Saturday and Sunday, in a gay Orlando nightclub, François Legault made the following statement:

“I am terribly saddened by recent events. Islamist terrorism has claimed more innocent victims. In the name of my political party, I would like to express my solidarity with the American people. My thoughts go out to the families of the 50 victims that lost their lives, and to the dozens that were injured in this unspeakable and barbaric act.

The United States has suffered a double tragedy.

The first is terrorism. Once again, the Islamic state managed to instill fear through its ravage, thus causing the entire world to be terror-struck. We must overcome our pain and double our efforts. We must defend our rights and freedoms, and fight against the terrorist threats. More than ever, we need to unite, and work alongside our allies and international partners; to defeat terrorist attempts and recruitments, in Quebec and abroad.

Furthermore, this terrorist attack is a homophobic hate crime. The LGBT community has been affected at its very heart, given that the gunman attacked a gay club in the midst of the Pride Month celebrations. The North American LGBT community, and especially Quebec’s, can count on the CAQ’s unwavering support. I would like to let them know that we will keep fighting for their rights; to live freely, openly and fearlessly. Such acts of hatred will not be tolerated. This despicable violence must be strongly condemned using every means possible. We will not be intimidated”, stated François Legault.

The Rise of the CAQ: The QLP Is Weary and the PQ Is out of Touch


 10 June 2016

The late parliamentary session is marked by the rise of the Coalition Avenir Québec. Alongside the CAQ’s MNAs, Leader François Legault is happy to acknowledge his party’s assertion as a viable alternative to the tired and weary Liberal government; which has been in power, almost continuously, since 2003.

On all ends, the CAQ has successfully shown that it is constructive, ambitious, and in tune to the wants and needs of Quebec’s citizens. “The Liberal government is caught in the past, and remains a prisoner of older and ineffective methods. This session has exposed the Liberal government’s lack of ideas. The Prime Minister must cease to be indifferent and unaffected towards the matters that concern Quebecers. He needs to get off his high horse. Furthermore, things are not any brighter across the spectrum. The PQ remains engaged in the same old quarrels, regarding the date of the next referendum. Quebecers have had enough of this fiction. Meanwhile, the CAQ is on the rise. Quebecers now possess a real alternative to the Liberals, and I can say it without reservation: We will be ready to form the next government in 2018”, exclaimed François Legault.


The CAQ has managed to astonish, innovate and rattle the government on more than one occasion. Consider, for instance, the proposal to provide pre-kindergarten access to all 4 year olds, and to make school mandatory to all, until they either turn 18 or obtain a diploma. Lacking any form of vision for our education system, Philippe Couillard made this ambitious CAQ idea his own; failing, however, to commit to its implementation prior to the end of his mandate. “Education should be our nation’s priority. The Liberals have been in power for 13 years, and for 13 years there has been no investment in education. It is inacceptable for Quebec to have a higher dropout rate than in Ontario”, highlighted the member for L’Assomption.

In economic matters, the Liberal government budgeted no corporate investment increase for 2016. Quebec has also suffered the loss of headquarters, and the loss of investors’ trust. “Many Liberals agree that under Couillard’s governance, their party is unrecognizable. The Liberal government is clearly out of ideas! It produces a lot of papers, but very little results. I am repeating my message to Philippe Couillard: Wake up!” stated François Legault.

The CAQ Leader can hardly ignore the black cloud that roams over the Couillard government; a devastating management of the Transports ministry, ridden with manipulation, obstruction, lies and intimidation. “We witnessed a Liberal Minister getting dismissed, because he had the courage to denounce serious internal problems. Mr. Couillard watches like a spectator, as the population’s scepticism and anger grow alike. Quebecers are furious, and will tolerate no more. I would like to stress that as a Prime Minister, I would never accept this”, concluded François Legault.

Crisis at the MTQ: Time for Couillard to Clean Up the Mess, Says Legault


 9 June 2016

Philippe Couillard should stop beating around the bush, and start cleaning up the mess in Quebec’s Transport Ministry (MTQ).

Due to the magnitude of the revelations made by the former Auditors, Annie Trudel and Louise Boily, the CAQ demanded and obtained an emergency debate at the National Assembly.

In fact, Mr. Legault urged the Prime Minister to adopt three immediate measures:

  • To dismiss the Minister of Transport, Jacques Daoust, and to appoint a new minister;
  • To select a new deputy minister who is currently not working in the public service;
  • To oblige the new minister and deputy minister to be present every three months at the National Assembly’s Committee on Transportation.

“Yesterday, Ms. Trudel and Ms. Boily have confirmed our greatest worries; the MTQ is ridden with manipulation, obstruction, lies and intimidation. What we heard goes beyond reason. Quebecers want to tell the Prime Minister that enough is enough! He needs to take real measures to rehabilitate the ministry. We need to have full determination in the fight against the MTQ’s cancer”, stated Mr. Legault.

The situation is far too serious for Philippe Couillard to keep acting as a spectator, while the population’s cynicism and anger are at a rise; adds François Legault. After all, it is none other than Philippe Couillard who made the decision to dismiss the member for Marguerite-Bourgeoys, Robert Poëti. He is also the one who authorized for the former deputy minister, Dominique Savoie, to remain employed at the Executive Board; and the one who submitted falsified documents to the members of the Assembly.

“Beyond apologies, where are his will and determination? He needs to show leadership, through strong corrective acts”, highlighted the member for L’Assomption.

Who Is Protecting Dominique Savoie?

The Coalition Avenir Québec critic for public administration efficiency, Éric Caire, would like to know: Who is protecting Dominique Savoie? She was discharged as the Transport deputy minister, and promoted to the Executive Board. “Insubordination, obstruction of investigation, intimidation and indignation at the National assembly; are all elements of Dominique Savoie’s fancy track record. She was shown the door at the MTQ, only to be placed in the PM’s own ministry! Is it neglect, or complicity?” questions the member for La Peltrie.

Pit Bulls: It Isn’t Time for Discussion, but for Legislation


 9 June 2016

“It isn’t time for discussion, but for legislation”; raged the CAQ critic for agriculture, fisheries and food, Sylvie D’Amours. It was following an announcement made by the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Martin Coiteux, about the creation of a committee that will study the regulations pertaining to pit bulls.

Once again, the Liberal government chooses to improvise and to hide behind a smokescreen, instead of assuming its responsibility and implementing the proper actions; criticizes Sylvie D’Amours. According to her, it is time to ban the dog’s ownership, in order to avoid tragedies like the one lived by the family of the 55 year old Montreal woman, who died yesterday after being attacked by a pit bull.

“The Liberals are stalling. There are hundreds of tragic stories, much like the one that happened in Montreal yesterday. Meanwhile, the Minister’s only response is that he will study the matter. Why wouldn’t he take real corrective measures for once, instead of buying time? There are more and more such cases; the public is expecting its elected officials to act. It is regrettable to see that the government is engaged purely in the theoretical! Our citizens require concrete action, and are expecting the government to table a bill”, stated the CAQ member.

Martin Coiteux cannot say that he didn’t see this problem coming. For many weeks now, more and more entities have been demanding to ban pit bulls. “Last session, all political parties agreed to legislate for the well-being of animals. Great! But when will we do so for the well-being of our children?” concluded Sylvie D’Amours.

Couillard Will Not Commit to Refund Money Collected Illegally


 8 June 2016

Philippe Couillard continues to put the interests of Quebec’s Liberal Party before those of Quebecers. He is firmly refusing to extend the chief electoral officer’s (DGE’s) limitation period to 20 years, in the claim of funds collected illegally.

Only yesterday, Quebec’s DGE revealed that the QLP refused, in May 2015, to refund a sum of $3,500 collected illegally in 2009. According to the CAQ Leader, François Legault, the Liberal party is the same old party; it uses the same questionable methods and protects the same shady individuals. Not only is Philippe Couillard refusing, once again, to cooperate in matters of ethics, he is also refusing to account for the troublesome past of his political party, by invoking the statute of limitations clause.

“Yesterday, the Liberal party’s image sank deeper into darkness. The PM showed that he is unwilling to put an end to the Liberals’ impervious culture. What they fail to understand, is that the people’s cynicism towards their old ways is beyond limitations. In 2013, the Assembly adopted unanimously the CAQ’s motion to extend the statute of limitations. Once again, the Liberals are going back on their word. Only after yesterday’s outcry, the PM finally asked his party to reimburse the $3,500 collected illegally. Yet he remains stubborn, and refuses to extend the limitation period to twenty years, as it was done for construction companies”, denounced François Legault.

The member for Deux-Montagnes and CAQ critic for the reform of democratic institutions, Benoit Charette, deplores the lack of reaction by Minister Rita De Santis. She claimed that the QLP has refunded every illegal contribution, except for this sum of $3,500. “If I understand the Minister correctly, Mr. President, the Liberals are always decent…always…except that one time, at band camp”, Mr, Charette said wittily.

The CAQ Will Vote Against Bill 100


 8 June 2016

After a meeting held on Wednesday morning with the government House Leader, Jean-Marc Fournier, and the Minister of Transport, Jacques Daoust; the CAQ House Leader, François Bonnardel, and the CAQ critic for transport, Claude Surprenant, announced that their political party will vote against the Liberal bill 100. The CAQ will give consent, however, for the vote to take place before the end of the parliamentary session.

François Bonnardel stated that according to the Liberal government, the bill’s early adoption, as of this week, is an integral part of the agreement reached with Uber and the taxi industry. The CAQ will not interfere with the implementation of this agreement, but remains nonetheless opposed to the bill’s stipulations.

“Yesterday, the CAQ’s team has accomplished an important feat, by constraining the Liberals to compromise in matters of urban ridesharing services. Thanks to the mediation by our MNAs, Quebecers will be free to take advantage of ridesharing services for at least 90 more days. During our meeting with Mr. Fournier and Mr. Daoust this morning, we wanted to make sure that we can rely on the government’s good will towards Uber. Although the company reached an agreement with the government, we feel obliged to vote against bill 100. We still believe it is absurd. A possibility remains that in 90 days, urban ridesharing apps will be prohibited in Quebec, for potentially any company”, worries the CAQ House Leader.

Rendezvous at 2018

The CAQ critic for transport, Claude Surprenant, seeks to reassure Quebecers that the CAQ will keep fighting, for companies having a sharing economy business model to enter Quebec, whether in urban ridesharing or other fields. “One thing is certain, if the Liberals choose to ban such companies after Uber’s pilot project, rest assured that come 2018, a CAQ government will open our doors wide to innovation and technology”, concluded the member for Groulx.

The Sale of RONA: Couillard Didn’t Care to Question Daoust


 7 June 2016

Philippe Couillard deems it normal, that investments Quebec (IQ) sold their shares in RONA without the government’s authorization. Moreover, he doesn’t think that it is necessary to question his Minister of Transport, Jacques Daoust, following the shocking revelations of the former president of RONA, Robert Dutton. The CAQ Leader, François Legault, sees the latter as clear evidence to the Prime Minister’s indifference, regarding the future of Quebec’s headquarters. It is this Liberal indifference that caused the sale of RONA, one of Quebec’s key companies.

“The Prime Minister exemplifies everything that shouldn’t be done in economy. He even invented a new economic theory, stating that ‘buying is taking a risk, and selling is liberating of a risk’. It is obvious to what point the PM is unfamiliar with economics. Nonetheless, it is the government’s role to promote economic development. Evidently, Raymond Bachand was right: With Philippe Couillard at the head of the Liberal party, the CAQ is the new party of the economy. Worst of all, despite the testimony by RONA’s former president, Mr. Dutton, Couillard didn’t even ask his Minister of Transport for his version of the facts!” exclaimed Mr. Legault, and added that the PM didn’t even return on his Minister’s statements.

The member for L’Assomption notes that the allegations are serious; according to the former president of RONA, Jacques Daoust said that he doesn’t want to “know anything” about the company. The role of the PM includes the responsibility to protect Quebec’s economic jewels. “The Prime Minister must question his Minister of Transport. If these statements are true, he needs to relieve him of his duties”, reiterated François Legault.

Operating Rooms Are At Semi Capacity, Reveals the CAQ


 6 June 2016

While 20,000 Quebecers are stressed and anxious from waiting for their surgery for over six months, the operating rooms in Quebec’s hospitals are working at only half of their capacity, reveal the figures gathered by the CAQ. It was the party’s health critic, François Paradis, who uncovered this outrageous situation. He held a press conference in front of the Saint Jerome Hospital, where 2,240 patients are currently waiting for a surgery; 200 of them for over six months.

Nonetheless, the average usage rate of the operation facilities is of hardly 53% in Quebec; it shifts between 29% and 65% according to the region, regrets Paradis. He notes another undeniable fact: None of the regions are attaining their targeted 75%, set by the Health and Welfare Commissioner.

“The situation has been escalating for years, due to the underuse of the operation rooms in Quebec’s hospitals. They have been operating at mid-capacity due to a striking lack in human resource and equipment. Meanwhile, as the waiting lists are exploding, the number of surgeries performed in Quebec have decreased by 11,500, since 2012. This is the Liberal track record! The figures uncovered by the CAQ should serve as a wakeup call to Minister Gaétan Barrette, who needs to endow hospitals with the ability to provide their patients with the services that they rightfully deserve”, claimed François Paradis.

The member for Lévis told the Minister that there is no excuse to remain passive. He recalled that in January 2012, in a review by the Quebec Federation of Medical Specialists (FMSQ), Barrette strongly denounced access limitations to operation rooms, for doctors and their patients. “Mr. Barrette is a victim of his past statements. Why isn’t he taking charge, now that he is at the head of the healthcare system? He has the power to act, and he must set himself specific goals and objectives, in order to reduce the number of patients on the waiting lists by 2017; when his agreement with the FMSQ is due to expire”, exclaimed François Paradis.

The Laurentians and Saint Jerome Are Not Forgotten

In the Laurentians, where Monday’s press conference took place, the picture’s far from perfect. The operation room’s 53% usage rate mirrors the rest of Quebec. “Here, in Saint Jerome, 2,240 men and women, many of which are experiencing tremendous anxiety, have been waiting for weeks and months to get operated. Today, they are learning that their wait has been in vain, as the operation rooms are vacant half of the time. Reducing the waiting lists is simple: Doctors need to have access to the operating facilities which aren’t used to their full potential. Why is the Minister reluctant to help the people of Saint Jerome?” asked the CAQ member.

In his press conference, Mr. Paradis was alongside the member for Mirabel, Sylvie D’Amours; the member for Deux-montagnes, Benoit Charrette; the member for Groulx, claude Surprenant; and the member for Blainville, Mario Laframboise. All four are caucus members of the CAQ for the Laurentian region.

Regional Data:

Abitibi-Témiscamingue: 29 %
Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine: 31 %
Côte-Nord: 32 %
Bas-Saint-Laurent: 40 %
Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean: 42 %
Mauricie-Centre-du-Québec: 51 %
Estrie: 52 %
Chaudière-Appalaches: 54 %
Lanaudière: 54 %
Laurentians: 54 %
Montérégie: 55 %
Outaouais: 57 %
Montreal: 57 %
Laval: 64 %
National Capital: 65 %