Medical Evacuations: Future Tragedies Must Be Avoided at All Costs


 10 May 2016

Sunday, the Journal de Québec revealed that Quebec’s non-organized territories have no emergency response plan outside their road networks; causing MNA François Paradis to fear for the worst. “It is the beginning of the summer season, in which events often take place in off-road areas. We must avoid any further ambiguous situations that may put human life at risk. It is now evident that the rules remain unclear. Who is responsible for acting? In which instances? In what manner?” he states.

Recall that last March, an emergency medical team failed to respond to a snowmobile collision in the Laurentian Wildlife Reserve region, which led to the death of an American tourist. Upon this incidence, François Paradis urged the Health Minister, Gaétan Barrette, to launch an independent investigation.

“We are still at the beginning of a very long road; nothing has been rectified. I am certain that if some major incident was to happen tomorrow, the same uncertainties would arise. Who needs to act? How to intervene. What are the rules?” he regrets.

AG Report on Incidental Expenses: The CAQ Wants Billing to Stop


 10 May 2016

After the Ombudsperson and several senior officials of Quebec’s health sector, the Auditor General was next in line to criticise the Health Minister, Gaétan Barrette, for his poor management in matters of incidental expenses. During the Question Period, the CAQ critic for health, François Paradis, urged the Minister to stop invoicing patients the incidental expenses for insured medical services.

The CAQ member considers it outrageous for patients to pay incidental fees, considering that doctor remuneration can easily absorb these costs.

“In the report presented today, the Auditor General of Quebec states that the ministry is oblivious as to how doctors ended up charging for incidental expenses. We are sailing blind. The Liberal government wants to serve a 50 million dollar invoice to the patients, and has given itself the right to do so, by amending bill 20. It also states that doctors may bill patients for incidental expenses with reasonable profit. The Minister must quit playing games and commit, formally, to deny paying 50 million dollars more in incidental fees”, indicated François Paradis.

The member for Lévis informed that only last week, Minister Barrette said that he no intention “at the moment” to compensate doctors for these expenses. He is therefore leaving his options open, concluded Mr. Paradis.

“We now have two devastating reports. The Auditor General is uncertain about the future. The Ombudsperson says she believes this needs to stop immediately. What exactly is the Health Minister waiting for?” inquired François Paradis.

Ultrasound Waiting List: The CAQ Reveals a Devastating Record


 6 May 2016

According to the figures obtained by the CAQ, over 112,000 Quebecers have been waiting for ultrasound scans for more than three months.

Recall that the Minister’s aim was for everyone to be able to receive their scan within three months.

To illustrate some examples, 72% of patients in Estrie have been waiting for longer than 3 months for their cardiac ultrasounds, and 69% of patients in the Laurentians. For mammary scans, there was a waiting period of over three months for 71% of patients in the Outaouais region, 63% in the Laurentians, and 62% in Montérégie.

MNA François Paradis calls it a devastating record.

“Over 60% of patients failed to receive the service within the timeframe set by the government. The rate of people who waited for less than three months for mammary ultrasounds is as low as 29% in some regions”, he stated in an interview for TVA.


Job Creation: Our Figures Pale in Comparison


 6 May 2016

Halfway through its mandate, Philippe Couillard’s Liberal government may no longer deny the facts; Quebec’s performance is poor in matters of job creation and economic growth. This sad realization was expressed by the CAQ critic for the economy, André Lamontagne, following an employment data release by Statistics Canada on Friday.

“It is certain that in matters of job creation, Quebec’s figures pale in comparison. The government may keep telling us glamorous tales and making fancy announcements, but the numbers speak for themselves”, stated André Lamontagne. In fact, 9,500 jobs were lost in Quebec during the last year; in comparison with 95,700 jobs created in Ontario, and 153,500 elsewhere in Canada.

“There is no excuse for Ontario to thrive while we wither away. We will repeat it over and again, Quebec has all the potential to be wealthier! We lost 700 full time jobs in a year, while our neighbours created 67,000. The first step for the Liberals would be to acknowledge their failure, and to finally present a bold plan with detailed employment creation targets. We have an urgent need for an ambitious economic vision”, according to the member for Johnson.

Mr. Lamontagne also notes that the manufacturing sector is clearly suffering, having lost 1,400 jobs in one year. The CAQ believes that it is through innovation and increased productivity, that our organizations will be able to penetrate international markets. The party proposed a Fund of 5 billion dollars over 5 years, in order to modernise the manufacturing sector. “At the CAQ, we are certain that Quebec has all the means to perform even better than Ontario!” concluded André Lamontagne.