Aerospace Strategy: Zero Jobs Created in Ten Years


 31 May 2016

The Liberal government has not created a single job in the aerospace industry ever since the release of its first strategy report, in 2006; disclosed François Legault at the National Assembly on Tuesday. Despite this observation, the Prime Minister, Philippe Couillard, refused to table a plan of action that would quantify a job creation objective for the two upcoming years.

The CAQ Leader, François Legault, states that in 2006, at the moment when the Liberal minister Raymond Bachand presented his strategy, Quebec’s aerospace industry counted 40,000 jobs. Ten years later, the situation remains identical. “Meanwhile, the government’s speeches have multiplied, and the Minister of Economy’s new strategic plan for the industry includes no employment goals. Do you know how many jobs were created in the last ten years? Zero! Our economy requires more than just theory. To create jobs, corporate investments must be sought, one after the other. During the last 12 months, we have lost 9,500 jobs! We are ages away from the Liberal promise. We are suffering from a negative trend”, stated François Legault during the Question Period.

The member for L’Assomption criticized Philippe Couillard’s idleness in matters of economy. After two years in term, there is still no evident ambition for wealth creation. The aerospace strategy presented on Monday has no job creation target, and appears to be another admission of failure, regrets François Legault. “The Prime Minister may very well print papers and make mesmerizing speeches; but there are no results. Is he active or passive in matters of economy? The reality is that after ten years, the Liberals are still unproductive”, concluded the CAQ Leader.