Éric Caire Uncovers Dominique Anglade’s $11.5 Billion Mistake


 28 April 2016

The CAQ’s critic for the Treasury Board, Éric Caire, has called attention to the flagrant ignorance displayed by the Minister responsible for the Digital Strategy, Dominique Anglade, in her own ministry’s program.

The CAQ MNA addressed the Minister’s declarations during the examination of the budget allocation; she stated that the funding envelope to support business digitalization will be of 3.1 million dollars, a “modest sum” which has “no limitation”. Dominique Anglade added that this was an “estimate”, and that every company in Quebec may rely on it. According to Éric Caire, her statements are inapplicable within the contingencies of the budget.

“When I told her that 3.1 million dollars would far from suffice, for our companies to close the gap in electronic commerce, she sided with me and recognized that the government’s assistance was indeed modest. However, she continues to assert that every business in Quebec will be able to receive a $50,000 tax credit. Thus, 236,000 companies in Quebec can benefit of this funding envelope. The 3.1 million dollars budgeted are therefore very far from the actual 11.834 billion dollars required to honour her commitment! Where exactly is she planning to find the 11.5 billion dollars that are missing? Our companies are facing serious challenges, and they deserve to know the truth. They shouldn’t be subjected to another Liberal improvisation”, stated Éric Caire.

Dominique Anglade was visibly embarrassed, and made it worse by refusing to retract her comments at the parliamentary committee; despite an open invitation to do so, by the member for La Peltrie.